Friday, July 16, 2010


Project 365 - Day 197

There are many times in a day that I find myself removing any jewelry I happen to be wearing because my dear Xander thinks its wonderful to pull at. I am now wearing tiny stud earrings most of the time and I can count on my hand now how many times he has pulled and broken various necklaces. Thank goodness I took that jewelry making class because I have been able to fix things, but still I wear things and the moment I am home I drop it in a pile... and sometimes the pile grows before I remember to take it upstairs to put away. Ariel likes to call the pile the treasure and tends to start talking like a pirate, ARRRR.

I am so thankful its Friday, but then I spent most of it running around with both kids. First was swimming lessons for Ariel. She finished this set and I ended up signing her up for August as well. She did really well but missed doing her front floats with her teacher's help and doing the 'face in the water' games. I think it be better to do another set and work on those sooner rather than wait and start from the beginning again. So we came home and practiced in the bath tub, lol.

After some one on one coaching she was already doing great with her face completely in the water and blowing bubbles under water! Yay! She just needed to be shown how to wipe her eyes afterwards I think, she hates things in her eyes (a tad like her mommy). She is excited to go back again, and I think the activity will make waiting for our trip easier with something to help eat up the day.

Then we met quickly with Brenda to talk camp stuff. I checked out the room I would be teaching in, organized some supplies and headed out to collect some more supplies. In one short week it will be here, eek! The summer is just flying by!

Came home with the kids and chilled out since Ken was out for dinner with a work thing. Ariel and I had California salad for dinner, yum, and got her into bed and Xander, well... he is still up. He was asleep, but the heat and him don't mix. So he helped me wash my t-shirts and is my blogging buddy tonight.

Tomorrow is the big LION KING day! Yes, we are off to see the show, Xander will be left behind with Grandpa and Rita to babysit. So excited and can't wait... eek!

Oh and big congrats to my friend Julie, Ray and Lillian... they welcomed baby boy Justin Stewart today! Welcome to the family of four club, can't wait to see pictures.

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