Monday, July 05, 2010

Messy Bun and Flipping Fish

Project 365 - Day 186

A cute summer look, and it only took 5 minutes! Complete with a cute hair accessory and whee! I think I am going to try this one on me too. Click here for the video demo I found online. I love hairstyle blogs.

Ok, Ariel's fish Blue is one serious daredevil of a fish. He has not once but twice now jumped out of the bowl! The first time was last week when I was putting the laundry away and noticed he wasn't in his bowl on top of the dresser. Further investigation found him behind the dresser... kinda hard. Ewe! I called Ariel and did the whole 'sometimes things die' speech. She cried, I hugged her and we were ready to whisk the fish off to a burial at sea. I popped Blue back in his bowl where he sunk and slowly started to float... then something weird happened... he started swimming!

I was stunned, Ariel cheered and we both watched him swim slowly. I honestly gave him a few hours, didn't think he looked that strong. However, in two days he was back to peak swimming and eating normally. Strange indeed! Well then today while Ariel played in her room, I heard her scream. She ran to the stairs shouting Blue jumped out again!

I ran up the stairs with Xander under my arm to see a fish flipping around on the floor. Again I managed to get it back in the bowl where he seems to be somewhat recovering. Time will tell if he does, but for now we have something on top of the bowl in case he tries it again. Crazy fish!

In closing, I forgot to share my anniversary 'flip book' card with you that Ken made me. Aw!


Dianne said...

hee. cute book! :)

kelly ens said...

wow - that's quite the fish! Glad he's strong :)
i remember when my dad had japanese koi in a big pond in our front entrance and they would jump out...they were about 2' long, some of them you couldn't fit two hands around their bellies. We'd have to use towels to pick them up and put them back in because they were SO big, slippery and wiggly. YUCK! i did NOT like that job. nor did my friend when she house sat and came over to feed them and found one of them by the front door!!!

Tera said...

Love the hair do! So cute! What a wild fish!

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