Saturday, July 10, 2010

Bike Race

Project 365 - Day 191

It was a busy day! I went for a walk in the village this morning and ended up doing a bit of birthday shopping for the kids. Came home, had a skype chat with Ken's mom and got Ariel ready for her art class in the afternoon in Steveston. I actually forgot, thanks to Ken for checking the calendar this morning. Doh!

We arrive only to find the place locked up... and I read the only clock that didn't have the correct time on it (an hour early). Sigh! So to kill time we go get some gas in the car and much to Ariel's delight, we went through the car wash since our car was gross. Actually, it was the little old man gas attendant that sorta mentioned our car needed to be cleaned. Haha.

That seemed to eat up enough of our time, so we headed back to Ariel's class and dropped her off. She was so excited, and when we picked her up 3 hours later she was sad to leave. Can't wait to see the paintings she is doing when the course is over. I will totally be sending her back to this place, very professional and the outline was amazing! I was very impressed.

While Ariel was at class, Ken, Xander and I went to Steveston for fish and chips. I got a side order of sun burn as well. Yay! Blah! Either way, it was great to hang with our boy and relax. We hit the little shops afterwards until it was time to pick up the girl.

We headed home to the bike race in full swing. We found a nice little spot in the shade and enjoyed the festivities. Ariel enjoyed ringing her bell and taught Xander how to ring his.

He was taken with the wheels going by over and over. A nice fellow asked if he could snap our picture when he saw Ken taking a picture of me and the kids. Yay!

Xander is hiding his face... with a cup lid that he is chewing on, oh well.

Sooooo, we had a busy and fun Saturday. I am ready for some sleep, but its been hard in the heat. At some point the kids were all in our room and Ken was on the couch downstairs since the rest of us were hogging the fan. I think I will go take a cold shower before bed and hoping for some cooler days ahead.

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