Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Seashells and Sand

Project 365 - Day 194

This was the beautiful displace at Brenda's house today... before Xander climbed the stairs and sent it crashing to the floor. Doh! I am happy to say that the glass miraculously didn't break... but gave everyone a heart attack.

Ariel's cooking class went well today, she made coconut cookies - yum! I am blown away with this class, and highly recommend it to any locals around here. The class also happens to be taught by the lady who will be Ariel's new preschool teacher, which is wonderful! I am happy that she is getting to know her a bit before fall.

During my visit with Brenda today she was talking about the new way of eating her family is doing. Basically no processed foods, white sugars etc. She photocopied some outlines, recipes and stuff from the book she has. Very fascinating, and I think we may adopt several of the things into our daily life as I am always looking for new ways to make us healthier, especially with my heart in mind. Will document this as we go, but for now I have some more reading and organizing ahead.

Ok, its time for bed, swimming lessons come early in the morning.

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