Monday, July 12, 2010

Hanging Baskets

Project 365 - Day 193

One of my favorite sights in the village are the beautiful hanging baskets. They remind me of the oodles of baskets my Nana and Papa always had hanging at their place. I do not have any part of the green thumb gene from my grandparents... or my Mom for that matter. In fact, I am surprised I haven't killed my deck plant this year yet. I must give props to Ariel for that, she seems to have the gene, and is always reminding me to water it... and sometimes just does it on her own (although sneaking up to the bathroom to get water from the sink isn't always keen on my list of 'yay' moments). I think my lack of plant care comes from those endless chores of weeding I got to do growing up. I really do like gardens, and actually I would far prefer a veggie garden to flowers... perhaps we will try that in the pots next year. Either way, the pretty flowers on my daily walk fill my need for flowers.

Ariel had her first 'Chefs on the Run' class today. Oh My Goodness! I picked her up and she was BEAMING! There she sat in her seat clutching a tiny bundle of paper towel, eager to share her treasure with me. Pulling it back she produced a little dough pocket - I made PIZZA Mommy! she exclaimed! We took it home to take a picture of (the reason she saved it so Daddy could see it too). She posed with it...

...then Xander took notice and tried to get it... after the picture in safely of keeping it from him, she ate it... but kindly she shared a few bites with her dear Mother. It was so yummy! Pizza sauce, cheese and green peppers. Yum. When she saw how much I liked it I think she got even prouder. The rest of the afternoon I had to call her chef Ariel. Maybe we have the next Iron Chef in our home?

We finally found out today why we haven't received Ken't shipment of his book yet. (Yep, that is why I haven't shared it yet on here - STILL WAITING!) They wrote 'Providence' instead of the Province of BC. Thus creating the issue of our postal code being 'invalid' since it wanted a zip code instead. Good grief! Poor Ken has been eagerly waiting to see his new book and hasn't yet! Its crazy! He has been so frustrated, especially when his friend in Australia already received his. Thankfully, it should be here on Wednesday, as long as I don't miss the delivery man. Expect a picture of Ken and his new 'baby' soon. Yay! Its getting great reviews, and its selling well! So proud of him!

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kelly ens said...

what a cool class :)
hope Ken's book comes soon. word verification is 'catient' close to 'patient...' ;)

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