Friday, July 02, 2010

Lazy aftermath...

Project 365 - Day 183

Nothing that interesting, just some mushrooms I found growing in someone's yard on our way to to the bottle depot.

So it was a totally weird day. It didn't feel like Friday, felt like a Monday so it was really throwing me off. I stayed home most of the day cleaning up the mess that build up in our kitchen, living room etc. I managed to finally fix the storage room which was a little claustrophobic due to Ken's pile of computer stuff that is still here since the animation festival. Its finally leaving tomorrow so I moved it out to the hall and finally got in and fixed it up. Yay!

The past few days have been lots of fun, first with our anniversary. 9 years, crazy! Next year double digits, whee! Stella and Jack took the kids in the evening so we could go to dinner in peace. We thought a feast of Chinese, the good stuff, was in order. We drove there and when we arrived there was this guy who walked in just a moment before to pick up a take out order. What happened next was totally weird.

He starts talking to the hostess who was a young teen, and starts asking why they called him shortly after he placed his order. She explained nicely that it was a courtesy call to say the food was being prepared and how long it would be. They don't want people to waste time waiting on food that isn't ready, especially since this particular place is very popular and is quite busy all nights. Well, apparently that wasn't a good answer, he starts going ape nuts on her. I guess he thought because of his 'nationality' that he was getting the call to see if in fact he placed the order.

That's when it got weird... most people would say their peace then ask for a manager, he seemed rather intent on just taking it out on her. She didn't lose it, but rather was practically cowering behind the desk. He was rude and just kept repeating things that didn't make sense, especially since she kept explaining that it was in fact their policy to call everyone regardless, unless they say otherwise when placing the order. He just wasn't happy and was wagging his finger in her face calling her disrespectful and rude... um hello, we saw it and the only one being rude was him. The waiter had come at that point to seat us and my blood was boiling, I just felt bad for her and I could hear her start to cry as we were walking away. I quickly told Ken I needed to use the 'washroom' and went back just in time to see him tell her to shut up and call her stupid. That is when Jay lost it.

I got up in his face telling him to back off. He immediately thought I was staff and said she was rude to him. I quickly pointed out I was a customer as well, saw his entire conversation and that it was in fact HIM with the problem. He was doing his whole story again and I just shook my head saying he just needed to leave her alone. The waiter took notice finally at the situation and jumped in too to protect the hostess who was sobbing. When he was dealing with the dork, I went to the girl to console her. I told her she did nothing wrong and that she needed to let it go. Customer service jobs are hard and that there is always one person who is going to make life difficult. She wiped her eyes and thanked me. She just kept saying, I don't understand why he is so mad, I tried to explain. The waiter had gone to get the owner at this point when I headed back to my seat. Wasn't long till the guy left, the waiter later said he was 'nuts' and thanked me for helping the girl.

Dinner was YUM YUM YUM! We ordered the duck served 2 ways, as well as lots of other goodies. I didn't bring my camera, I was off duty and just taking the time to be with Ken, which was nice. I will say I nearly waddled out, hee. We returned to Stella's for dessert of strawberry pie and to pick up our kids.

The next morning was Canada Day! First off was pictures in the kids 'Canadian' looks.

First Canada Day, yay!

We headed out to the village for the pancake breakfast, light rain and all. We met up with Dad and Katie and ate our yummy breakfast. The girls then did the various activities from making postcards to beaver masks. The hunt at the Museum was a tad easier this year, especially for Ariel. We found everything and went out just in time for a quick dance and to hear the speeches before the cake would be cut.

After stuffing ourselves with cake, we went home briefly before heading out for a bbq lunch with Dad, Rita and Katie at the park. It was nice and relaxing... Ariel even played in the water park... yeah.... I don't get her sometimes, when we come when its hot, she hates it, come when its cold and its fun. Wacky girl!

Another brief rest and we are off again for dinner at Brenda's with some friends from church. I made beaver tails in the afternoon to bring, oh so good and yet oh so bad. Haha.

We had great time visiting, I love our friends! We came home with tired kids and hit the hay. The morning seemed to come fast and Ken was off to work to help with the move (the school is moving again to a sweet new building!).

So that leaves us at today again... have a great weekend everyone. Thanks also for the support and lovely comment about the new blog space. Lots of things brewing to share soon. Whee!


kelly ens said...

MAJOR kudos to you for standing up to that guy. that's something i would like to be able to do (you know, in the right setting, such as what you experienced), but wonder if i would be too intimidated. so good on ya!! Poor hostess :(
happy anniversary - glad you could have an evening alone with Ken!
i LOOOOOOVE Ariel's red skirt!

Kim said...

Wow, so many things to comment on: first of all, I love your new space! You are such an amazing artist!! Second, happy anniversary to you and Ken! May you have many, many more years of joy, love and happiness together! Third, I agree with Kelly, major kudos to you for standing up for that poor hostess! Rude people like that need to be told to back off, and it's great that you were willing to stand up and say it!

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