Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Man and his Book

Project 365 - Day 195

Its HERE! Finally!!! After the weeks of waiting for our copies to arrive, they came in 4 boxes of pure excitement and glory! We knew today was the day, however it was a question of when, especially because I had to get Ariel to 2 classes at different points today so I was hoping (praying) that I wouldn't miss them. Thankfully, the delivery man arrived pretty much right between both classes, woo hoo!

Ariel was excited to see all the boxes... they just kept coming.

We pulled open the box to have a peek... oooh

The kids wanted to read it....born animators I guess.

A special tribute to us, aw!

Its amazing to think that Ken has written 2 books... and I am sure there will be more some time down the road, but for now, we are enjoying this moment. Ahhh....


Dianne said...

A big congrats to Ken and your whole family. What an exciting accomplishment!

See you sooooon! :D

kelly ens said...

VERY exciting! Congrats to Ken! :)

Brenda said...

Congratulations to Ken and to all of you! What a fantastic accomplishment.

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