Sunday, August 01, 2010

Sick Times 2

Project 365 - Day 213

About 1am this morning Ariel came into our room saying she couldn't sleep. As I took her in my arms to hug her I realized she was burning up. Taking her temp I discovered she was 39.4C (102F), so a pretty high fever for her. I striped her down and got her in to a cool bath and gave her some Tylenol. She was perky and responsive but her face was pale. I made a bed on the floor of our room and got her back to sleep. In the morning she was cooler but still warm, so I stayed home from church with both kids since Ken had to drop off a file there.

Ariel eventually was eating toast, banana and drinking ginger ale. She watched a movie in bed on the little portable dvd player and had a nap here and there. She kept asking me to retake her temperature, she knew that 36 was a good number so until she heard me say it she kept asking. Awww.

When she fell asleep on the couch after I folded the laundry, I decided to get a nap in too since I was tired from being up late. I awoke much later to discover that Xander had slept for 4+ hours and when I went to his crib he was burning up too. So again into the bath, meds and lots of nursing and his fever finally dropped. He is sleeping on the couch with his Daddy at the moment. Sigh, at least tomorrow is a holiday and Ken will be home. Its hard having 2 sick kids but then I am glad its happening now and hopefully be gone by the time we have to travel. Pray they bounce back tomorrow, its hard seeing your babies sick.

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