Thursday, August 12, 2010


Project 365 - Day 224

Finished the latest order today which included these super cute cupcakes of bees and flowers. Hee. Love them!

Party is coming together nicely! Tomorrow is going to be super crazy though, I have scheduled my day almost to the minute, ack! The big task at hand tomorrow is assembling Ariel's cake. Its rather large and tricky. I was going to do some fondant work but I am reconsidering since its going to be super hot on Saturday... not that buttercream is better in the heat, haha.

Got my hair done tonight, had to see a different stylist since mine was booked solid, darn, but he did a good job. Its more natural than I have been wearing it but that is good for our trip I think, its pretty and Ariel really liked it. Ok, more soon, must sleep while I can.

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