Thursday, August 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Xander!

Project 365 - Day 238

Today my baby boy turned one... sniff. Its exciting and yet sad at the same time. My last baby is growing up so fast, and its hard to know certain things are behind us now. He is changing and learning new things daily that its always exciting and I know the best is yet to come. I held him as he slept this morning and just watched him like I did when he was first born.

I remember at 20ish weeks along in the pregnancy when we found out we were having a boy, and even then the ultrasound tech happened to note to us that he saw the baby had hair already... boy did he ever! The laugh the doctor had when delivering him was so funny. Our little wookie boy! Hee.

Looking back I never did get the 'delivery' I wanted or planned for, sometimes it still bugs me, especially when I see friends get that. Both of my kids had other plans, and maybe that was good for me, as the one who 'plans' everything like crazy. Xander being backwards and not willing to budge is still a common trait, haha. He likes to get stuck into awkward positions and whine till rescued. He is extremely mellow and laid back, taking the world in. What other baby would happily take in the craziness of New York City?

Xander, this year as been amazing, you have become the son that I needed and dreamed about. I always knew your eyes would be blue like your Grandma Vickie, in fact there are many times I catch myself looking at you and yet see her face. Its a comfort and I love you for that. Also, I love you for you smile, your laugh, your love and those slobbery kisses you love to give. When you clap your hands and cheer I light up. I can't wait to see what you do in this world, how you make others around you smile (even if they aren't baby people) and how you made Ariel a proud sister. She loves you more than anything and today she kept singing Happy Birthday for you.

Xander, you most likely won't remember this day, how crazy and fun it was, but we have pictures and I can't wait to talk about that birthday in New York city... I love you little man, my x-man, my son Xander...
kisses, Mommy


New York city... wow! Before we left on vacation I was talking with one of our neighbours who happens to be from NYC and said she hoped we had a 'good' experience. I can honestly say, yes we did! I LOVED it.

I thought it be more overwhelming, and in times it can be, the traffic mostly, but then that is what the cab is for. However, I found myself finding the rhythm of the city and slipping right in. I hailed cabs myself, and enjoyed the craziness of the people. In some ways perhaps being at the Olympics earlier this year made a difference, in fact I feel like it did. Sure the buildings are bigger, brighter and everything is louder, but it just was amazing.

We road the train into the city this morning and basically went in with little plans except Mom wanting to get the kids presents for their birthdays and for Jonathan to see the statue of Liberty. We got a cab and went to the American Girl store. Wow, that is crazy! Girls everywhere... and I am glad I had Ariel pick out what she wanted before we went as it was very overwhelming find things. She got the girl that looked like her, blond with brown eyes, Julie!

Then we headed off down the street and Jonathan hit the first gift shop to spend some of his money, which he was eager to do. If you know him then you understand. While in the shop with him, I found each of the kids a t-shirt and a cab car for Xander. Gotta start building his car collection since he LOVES anything with wheels! Afterwards we got some hot dogs at a cart, yummy!

I found a cupcake shop and bought some cupcakes for the kids to celebrate their birthdays later that evening. Woot! We made it to Times Square, wow, talk about CRAZY! It was loud, bright and busy but so cool. There was a live band playing that morning and it was almost like we had a soundtrack to our experience. 'Don't Stop Believing' was being belted out and Ariel danced... these are things I will remember the most.

It was there we saw the toys r us and since Grammy wanted to get Xander a gift we went there, and when we went in we realized it was no ordinary store, they had a 3 story Ferris wheel!

Ariel wanted to ride it so we took her on while the others got Xander a gift. He picked a car, big surprise, and he really did pick it himself. Mom said he just lunged at it and he held it the rest of the day, never letting it go as we walked the streets. I have never seen him do that before.

Another cab ride got us to the water where we could see the statue of liberty. We had wanted to take a boat to see it close up but time was a factor and so we passed. It was still amazing to see it in person, even from far away.

The walk down in there was nice too, more relaxing too. We had a snack and got back in a cab to go to the train station - in rush hour! Haha.

While driving back, we saw ground zero and it left me speechless. To think about everything surround that event is just overwhelming. The train station was far more crowded but we got around and made it on to our train where Ariel slept the whole way.

We cleaned up and had dinner at the mall at Johnny Rockets and came back to the hotel where we sang to Xander with his cupcake. Uncle Bob and Aunt Laura even got some gifts for the kids, which was sweet. We really are blessed with all the family here to celebrate our little man's big day!

Now the troops are asleep and I should get to bed too. Still more fun to come, the beach tomorrow, the wedding Saturday with family fun time and then we will be coming home on Sunday night. Hard to believe its almost over. I know the kids are going to have a hard time saying goodbye, so I am not going to think about it until I have to. Until then, fun fun fun!


kelly ens said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY XANDER!!! wow, it is hard to believe he's one already! glad you can celebrate with family :)
new york looks like such a cool experience. you guys are really packing a lot in - it's amazing! fantastic pictures, and i'm really enjoying following you on this holiday :)

Kristin said...

Happy 1st Birthday to your little man! How neat, 1st birthday in NYC!

Kim said...

Happy birthday Xander!!

I'm so glad to hear that you have all been enjoying this vacation! Thanks for all the great blog posts and pictures so the rest of us can follow along!

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