Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Grow Little Bean

Project 365 - Day 215

Ariel's little plant she brought home from preschool is thriving! When I say thrive... I mean THRIVE! I have no green thumb and kill most plants in a matter of days, so for this one to do so well with neglect from me is fabulous. The Ariel gave Grandpa for grandparents day at her school is taller than she is at his house. We will need to go take a picture of it soon, simply amazing.

In other news, we went to swimming lessons this morning, or at least we tried to go. As I stood there with Ariel waiting for her teacher... no one came. Finally I asked and low and behold they switched the time to a half hour earlier. As we left to go talk to someone at the front desk my sensitive swimmer burst into tears. She thought she was late (which we were, but by no fault of our own) and was embarrassed to say the least. 'But I have to go to swimming class, I need to put my face in the water... I PRACTICED!' My heart broke and my tears started too. After several nights of little sleep with sick kids it just finally made me loose it.

Sadly, there wasn't much we could do, they refunded the class we missed and we just come tomorrow. I told them to let the instructor know that she didn't want her to think she had been late. I think they realized how important that was when she again started sobbing at the counter. I think she got to all of them. Sigh.

Jaybird Creations is heating up again, in the kitchen this time. I have 2 cakes booked! One for this weekend and one for next weekend. Both are for the same person, both are for baby showers, both are for the same expectant mom but neither are the same. This week is pretty open so it won't be that tricky to do, but next week I need to be preparing the final touches for Ariel's birthday... good thing I organized most things ahead of time. I am excited to do the cakes and to share how cute they are going to be. *squeal*

I need to get back to inking Xander's illustrations for his birthday book... yeah, need to finish that too before we go. Gack! Speaking of my little man, had to share some of his fall duds I tried on him. Talk about Mommy's future rock star!

Look out ladies... he is gonna be a heartbreaker. Justin Bieber... consider yourself warned, lol.


kelly ens said...

so sad about her swimming lesson. hopefully tomorrow she is super excited again and her teacher really reassures that nothing was her fault! (glad they refunded you the lesson too!).
can't wait to see ariel's cake(s). still wish we could come :(

Dianne said...

Justin Beiber? Xander wins, hands down. There is simply no comparison. :)

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