Sunday, August 15, 2010

Come on Barbie, Lets go Party!

Project 365 - Day 227

Ok, it was dang hot today... like insane hot... I didn't like it. I only took 20 minutes to go look at the quilt and car show today and that was enough. Haha. It was fun to see all the pretty cars, I don't know a thing about them, but I like how shiny they always are.

So yesterday was the big party. We had a blast! It was so hot and big surprise I ended up getting sun stoke I think, aka the migraine last night. Oops, so busy taking care of things I don't take care of myself, bah! I hit my pillow early and slept it off, and woke up at 630am to the sound of the cars getting set up outside, so I got up and started cleaning the bomb that went off in our living room - the present opening. Ariel had wanted to get all her new toys out of the boxes, and so the various packaging bits were everywhere, not to mention toys and dishes. My family didn't wake up till 945am, so it was a quiet morning of cleaning. Sadly we missed church again but with the trip coming up fast, the kids needed that sleep.

On Saturday morning I was up and out the door to pick up the rentals, chairs and tablecloth in town. Came back to pick up the rest of the family who were now up and head to Dad and Rita's place to set up. It went quickly and smoothly, and it was adorable! I loved it, and when Ariel saw it for the first time her eyes sparkled!

The lemonade station with lots of goody bags for our guests. The Barbie dolls were good hostess' and kept the cool beverages coming. Haha. I love my new beverage jar too, got it at Costco!

The cake was awesome! I can not begin to say how excited I was about this. The fondant skirt turned out better than I dreamed, and the black icing detail didn't bleed (the one fear I had). Barbie seemed happy in her fondant clothes, haha. I had one of the sparkly things left over from her invitations, so I added it to the front of the dress, and cut a few feathers to add to her hair. She is ready to party!

I loved the back! A huge train on her dress, also a good way to hide seams in the fondant. By mid afternoon the buttercream had melted a tad on the bottom layer, but didn't cave in, woot!

Each spot at the table had a little goody treat of chocolate and Barbie snacks. I found them in Point Roberts, never seen them here before, gotta love the US and their treats!

I tried to stick Barbie dolls around where ever I could. This one hung out with the sandwiches and chocolate covered strawberries, hee.

Waiting for her guests to come, she was so excited!

As our guests arrived we gave the boys a top hat and girls a feather boa. We did try for a group picture but it wasn't happening, haha. It was ok, hot weather can make it hard. They did all dive into the craft though. I got little wooden frames for them to paint and add sparkles too. They worked up an appetite, so it was time for lunch! The kids were having a ball, can you tell?

When it was time to eat the kids dived into the sandwiches, all picked for being 'pinkish' and requested by Ariel. She also picked the fruit out!

Then it was time for the annual slide show. I was telling Ken how cool it will be to put them all together one day for her to keep, what a great way to document her pictures for her. The song choices are all Ariel too pretty much, she loves the 'Sister' song as she calls it, probably because it has the word 'sister' in it and she knows she is one, hee.

Ariel's 4th Year from Jay Priebe on Vimeo.

Story time with Daddy! Always a highlight at Ariel's party. This year's story was called Ariel and the funny Banana. You can view it online HERE.

Ariel got some lovely gifts from her friends. Everything from a Barbie car, scooter, some clothes and pjs, games and craft activities, lots of new Barbie dolls, Dora swimming mermaid and some education money. Blessed little girl indeed!

Time to blow out the candles! She wanted 4 actual candles instead of a number one this year. Took awhile to finally get them all too, they didn't want to go out. Haha.

The cake was a hit... and not much left. Poor Barbie was destroyed, but you can see by the look on Ariel's face she doesn't seem to mind, haha.

Rita set up the sprinkler at the end of the party to cool the kids off, it was perfect... Ariel and Kailey stayed in the longest, too cute! Gotta thank her mom Aimee for this beautiful picture she got of them. Love it!

After the last of our friends had left, we packed up and headed home to rest. My head was starting to hurt about then. I managed to eat some dinner that Ken got from the Night Market which was happening that evening. While I snuggled with Xander, Ken and Ariel played outside. Ariel road her new scooter for over an hour and screamed when Daddy made her pack it in for the night.

Today I had our house-sitters come by for the keys and instructions on everything. Always makes me feel better to have someone taking care of things when we are gone for a long time to hold down the fort and deal with our mail, fish and my one plant on the deck I haven't killed yet.

I started getting the packing going tonight once the kids were in bed. I think I got most of it done, except for Ken's clothes and the toiletries. We are flying with Delta and I found out we have to pay for our luggage, poo! Not surprised though, seems to be the growing trend. I did call to find out if we had to pay for the car seats to be checked and thank goodness we don't, so that saves us some money! Woot! Just hoping we don't have too much stuff to bring home with us.... eep.

Well Ariel just came to the stairs, she woke up from the heat, so I better get her cooled off and back to bed. One more day and then we leave! Yay!!!

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kelly ens said...

WOW, do you ever know how to throw a party! totally amazing.

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