Saturday, August 07, 2010

Rainy Saturday

Project 365 - Day 219

The rain was a welcomed sight today, it cooled everything down and it was soooo nice. However, this type of weather as Ken's mom says makes kids go nuts.... Ariel was no exception. I pulled out some crafts and projects I save for such a day and this was the aftermath.

Xander has improved so much since he got his medicine. He is smiling, clapping and laughing again. Oh its been wonderful to see his personality again. You suddenly realize how different your kids are when they are sick. Not to mention his little boy got so hot with fever I could barely hold him. Look at that sad little face, doesn't it break your heart?

In other news, I have a huge list of stuff to get done this coming week... a tad overwhelming but doable. I am in a mad dash this weekend to finish the paintings for Xander's birthday book. That has to go to the printers before we leave on our trip, something I realized late one night while thinking in bed. Oops. I am just over half way done, so I better get back to it.

1 comment:

kelly ens said...

awwwww! glad he's on the mend!

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