Friday, August 27, 2010

Pretty as a Picture

Project 365 - Day 239

I loved this beach, so amazingly beautiful!

We went to Jones Beach this morning. We had no plans other than the chill out. It was a wonderful way to do so and it was calming and visually stunning. Each of us found a way to relax and enjoy our time. I will say we all had on strong sun screen and still managed to get red, so that is how strong the sun was. The only one without any red was Ariel! Lucky girl!

Ariel totally went to town trying to build a castle without a bucket, she was getting frustrated but then Grammy managed to find a set at the snack hut that she bought and the princess happily dug for hours.

Xander, well, he didn't like the sand or the water. Reminds me a lot of Ariel at that age. She refused to be in the sand until she was nearly 3! So instead he just snuggled anyone who held him, awww.

Ken was beyond thrilled to discover the snack shack had fried clams! This is something he loved as a child and has talked about them since we met. We have never been able to find them in Canada, so we didn't pass up the opportunity to have them. I must say, really tasty!

We stopped at the nature center and Ariel played school while we took a break from the sun. I was pretty tired and I think it was a common feeling as we all came back to the hotel to rest. Since Mom had to go to the rehearsal dinner, we were all on our own for dinner, so we took the boys out to this diner close to our hotel. It was a crazy place where the menu had everything under the sun, seriously it was nearly 10 pages! We all ordered something different and the mountain of food that sat on the table was scary! Needless to say we took lots of doggy bags with us, haha.

Then we walked in the mall where Ariel found some rides and Dan followed me while I shopped the outlet stores. Whee! We made it back to the hotel and got the kids into bed. The big wedding is tomorrow morning, can't wait! There is a bus coming to pick everyone up to take us to the venue so I better get to sleep. Good night!

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