Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Project 365 - Day 229

So we made it safe and sound to Detroit today... well amost everything made it. As you can see, Ariel is still waiting for her carseat to come... but it never did. Found out it never left Seattle, oh lovely! The lady who was checking our bags frankly wasn't all that focused. Sigh. Its a first for us to have something like this happen, but they were nice enough to give us a loaner seat until they locate hers and ship it to Mom's house. Ariel is handling it well as she can. She takes these things rather hard... hoping we can post tomorrow that it arrives... cross your fingers.

The rest of the day went pretty smoothly, we left the house at 630am and crossed the border shortly after 7am. Its sure is a mess down there right now with all the construction. Ariel liked seeing all the diggers though.

Stopped at an Ihop when Ariel finally decided she was hungry. Had yummy breakfast and got back on the road.

The drive was uneventful until we saw this huge back up of cars and lots of cops. Not sure what happened, hope no one was hurt. Stopped at the outlets for a bathroom stop and quick play for the kids.

The directions we had to get to the car lot where we were leaving our car were good until the exit we needed to take at the end... they didn't add the 'A' and there was an A and B exit. Thankfully we got turned around easily and arrived. The shuttle was waiting right there and we got to the airport in a few minutes after dropping the car.

We got to the check in point for the flight and the machine for the 'self check in' didn't work the first time and a nice lady did help me get it to work. The baggage lady wasn't so nice, she was really not paying attention and looking back now we should have watched more closely, just hard when one kid is crying because he is hungry and the other is wanting to get on the plane as soon as possible.

I was a tad cheesed that we didn't get the movie we were to get on the flight. Makes it that much longer it seems. Plus Xander fell right asleep and I held him the whole time and a movie would have made it more relaxing. I don't think this airline is getting a good review from us. Bah!

Landed in the dark, which was weird. Dealt with the whole missing carseat thing and left for the house to eat as it was our dinner time back on BC time. Yummy homemade soup and breadsticks were perfect, Ariel ate hers in the tent while she did a craft.

Xander ate some cherrioes until Buddy the dog got them, so he went back to playing with his new car, he loves it!

Not sure what we are doing tomorrow? All I know is that we are excited to finally be here! Yay!


Irene said...

Aww booo, we had that happen on our flight to New York last winter. We took our stroller, Fynn was only 7 months old and we desperately needed it in NYC. We were allowed to take it to up to the plane and hey did a last minute check in like they also do with wheelchairs.
Well, we arrived in NY and our stroller together with two from other families never made it on the plane, they had apparently already closed the loading doors because no one told them there would be late checks. Unfortunately the missing report also contained some wrong info and they weren't able to find it back in Frankfurt (we searched for it when we came back and found it within 5 minutes...). We had to buy a replacement in NY but the first two days we were there without anything...needless to say the planed sightseeing didn't really happen...we got reimbursement for the costs and some money for the problems we had but the vacation was kinda ruined...

kelly ens said...

glad you made it there safely - sorry about the 'bumps' along the way though :(

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