Sunday, August 22, 2010

Day in the Village

Project 365 - Day 234

We spent the day at Greenfield Village, and this is basically the highlight in Ariel's opinion, so it is also the picture of the day.

Today Mom sent us off to the village on our own with Dan and Jonathan because she wanted to get a good day of rest before we had to head out on the second half of our trip together. So we piled into the van and went off in search of fun. Ariel basically once she walked through the gate was in love with everything that moved! She was taken by the train, the cars and of course the carousel.

Ken and I got ride passes for us all and we road everything to our hearts content. Xander quite enjoyed them too.

We even road in a model T car, which I think was really cool!

The whole park is working in terms of crafts, farming etc. Everything they make is used on site or sold in the gift shop. Most of the things that kids can do are aged at kids 6 and up, so Ariel was a tad young and felt a tad disappointed. So we got Uncle Dan to do one of the crafts for her, which perked her up. A tiny candle stick that we plan to use on Xander's first birthday this week.

I got Dan to take our picture in front of the church building, since we were the Mr and Mrs of the group... not to mention it was also Sunday.

We were all hungry and went to eat with in the 'A taste of History' dining area. We got Ariel the hobo lunch which came complete with stick and hankie to hold it all. She was thrilled and kept saying she was going camping like in the cartoons, haha.

Xander preferred the cookie.

We had lots of fun watching the puppet show, playing some games in the field, going into the craft houses and taking in the atmosphere which is really fun. In comparison to the Burnaby Village Museum back home, this place blows it out of the water. I always look forward to this attraction and its detail. Pretty much feels like going back in time.

After some lemonade, I hit the gift shop to pick up a little something for my family back home. I also got us a glass blown pumpkin for our fall decorations.

We stopped briefly in the Henry Ford museum to see a few things we missed before. Ariel was getting really hungry and saw the diner car and went in to have a hot dog. Haha, poor girl wasn't impressed when she found out the display food was fake.

On the way home we stopped in to see Yaya and say goodbye to her since she won't be at the wedding next weekend. She was excited to see the kids again and watch them play... Xander made himself at home and broke a flower pot, oops.

At home Mom had made up burgers and sweet potato fries for dinner. The even concluded with some Rock band. Ariel loves playing it and Xander danced along, he loves his rock music. When Bon Jovi came on he started head banging, which we got on video, so I will upload it when we get home.

Tomorrow we are packing up and driving to Niagara Falls! We will briefly be back in Canada again, haha. Looking forward to this next phase of the trip, but sad to say good bye to the mitten... just when I started getting my 'Michigan' accent again, hee.


kelly ens said...

wow - what a COOL place! And Ariel's hobo lunch??? ADorable! :)

Kim said...

Wow, this does sound like a cool place! I LOVE the Burnaby Village Museum, so now I'm going to have to visit this place too :-))

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