Saturday, August 28, 2010

Wedding in New York

Project 365 - Day 240

I was hoping to blog about the wedding tonight but I am feeling rather zonked... so its going to be in point form, haha. Gorgeous venue! The gardens were lush and beautiful!

The wedding itself was sweet and cute. They wrote their own vows and it was a first for me to hear 'Danny Tanner' from Full House mentioned at a wedding ever! Haha.

Following the service we got led into a room with a spread that looked like a buffet lunch... only it was the appetizers... seriously!? I will be working out like crazy after this one, haha.

We came into the main room to find our table. They had cute favors of personalized sunglasses, so cool!

Then the DJ announced that we needed to get our flip flops on! They had buckets of them for us to find our size and to remove any high heels so we could dance in comfort, nice! Ariel even got a little sparkly pair that she LOVES.

The waiter takes our lunch selection of 3 choices. Our salad comes, yum!

Some dancing and as usual Ariel OWNS the dance floor. She keeps running over to tell me they are playing her song.

Our lunch arrives, I had the chicken. When ordering it was rather loud so I missed that it was 'jerk' chicken, so it was a tad spicy for me, but still really good. Haha. Grammy took Ariel to get something to drink and the bartender made up a special punch for her. When she tasted it she said 'yum, can I have the recipe?' haha.

Then Kate threw the bouquet and guess who caught it... yep, Ariel yet again! Do you think we are in trouble or what?! She was thrilled of course and kept showing everyone her pretty flowers.

They cut the cake...

...and as we waited for a slice they brought out ice cream, ooh.

Had our cake and then heard the first shuttle was heading back to the hotel, so we decided to leave then because Xander was sleeping, which we were amazed that he could with all the loud music. Ariel got Jonathan's camera and was taking pictures on the bus all the way back to the hotel.

We hung out with family the remainder of the evening and tomorrow morning there is a breakfast too. Mom and the guys are leaving early to get on the road back home, its a 11 hour drive for them, eep! Our flight is in the evening, so we get to enjoy visiting a bit more. Hard to believe our trip is coming to an end. Its going to be sad to say goodbye... so I am not going to think about it right now.

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