Thursday, August 19, 2010

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Project 365 - Day 231

Cute door stopper I saw tonight after dinner. Hee.

Ok, at the moment I am in a state of 'that was close'. When getting up off the couch to pack the kids up for the night, I tripped and my camera went flying. I grabbed the strap and it swung and hit the table... ugh. I turned it over and my heart sunk, my lens filter was smashed... and I was praying it was only that and not the lens. Thankfully it wasn't, and nothing else was damaged. The glass came off but the ring is stuck so we are going to a camera shop tomorrow to see if we can get it off and get a new filter. If not, then we will have to leave it until we get home and I have to be super careful. The filter saved my lens tonight... thank heavens! I still got upset of course, but it was more out of 'feeling stupid'. Such a accident waiting to happen sometimes.

Today was a fun day out and about. We got up and went to the Henry Ford Museum since Jonathan had to work and Dan was getting a hair cut. Although we didn't stay long, as we were meeting Yaya for lunch, Ariel had a good time, especially with the hot dog maker. Yes, you can lay down and be dressed up as a yummy hot dog.

Then Xander got a turn, a cocktail wiener maybe?

Finally Ariel, but she was hating when people laughed and she told them that, haha.

Ariel really liked the 80's area and the green screen where you could dance with music videos.

Then we left to pick up Yaya from the nursing home and have lunch out with her.

Ariel asked to ride on her walker... something she use to do with Nana. I think that is why she asked, and it made my heart sad a bit. However I soon laughed as she was on the cel phone talking to Uncle Dan.

4 generations together. Very special indeed!

Came back and had some play time... Ariel and Xander were into the instruments. Just call her 'Weird' Ariel Yankovic.

Little drummer boy!

Then it was off to the park for some swimming. This park amazes me! This is the same place we were at last night for dinner that had the huge play structure. It has a huge outdoor pool as well, and what is even more amazing - this is free to the people in this community! Wow, just amazing.

Ariel loved it and wore herself out playing. Xander wasn't so sure what he thought, but warmed up soon enough.

After a good swim we came back to the house to regroup. During that time Ariel showed me her new friend the vaccum...

... its name is Ariel too. Hahah.

Went out for dinner to one of the family's favorite burger places. I learned about Mr Pibb, which is like Dr Pepper apparently. I think Pibb sounds funny... hehe.

Stopped at Trader Joe's for Dan to get some beer, Ariel made sure to get cookies, haha. Came home in time for the thunder storm and 'tornado' siren... but it was to the north of us apparently... good! Hehe. The storm was cool though, I must say its much better here than at home, very different. I can see why Ken misses it.

Ken's friend from university and his girlfriend came for a visit tonight. Nice to chat and see him again, as we met one other time on another previous visit. It was after they left that the camera incident happened... thus leading to me needing a taco (I tend to snack in stress, but we do taco runs with Dan anyways since its like dinner time when its bedtime for us with the time change).

Tomorrow we are going to the zoo, eek, red pandas! I am excited, can you tell?

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kelly ens said...

thank GOODNESS for your lens filter (makes me think I need to get one!). i hope the ring will come off ok.
i can't believe that water park is FREE! how cool!

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