Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Barbie is Coming!

Project 365 - Day 222

We are on the countdown to the big Barbie party!!! As you can see, Barbie is getting ready. I spent time brushing out all the tangles for Ariel as she wanted them to look their best for the party.

Last night I sat down when everyone had gone to bed and wrote out a big 'to do list' for the week. To say it was long was an understatement. I felt a tad overwhelmed but figured I'd dig in my heels and just go go go!

So first thing this morning we were off to swimming lessons. I must say that is the nice thing about it being a 9am class, we are done at 930am and have our whole morning still. So we went to the dollar store following class and ordered some balloons for the party. Then drove to the party rental shop and booked some extra chairs for the kids table. Finally we stopped at the church to pick up my cheque reimbursing me for camp expenses. By the time we got home it was only 11am!

I then fed the kids, got Xander asleep and got to work on his birthday invitations. I had to get them to the printers asap because they need to be mailed before we leave. Got those done, then finished up his birthday book and uploaded that to be printed. Talk about being on a roll! I turned to Ariel's slideshow video and finished it up too and then put together the goodie bags. I felt awesome and more in control for what still is ahead of me this week... including making not only the baby shower cake and cupcakes that were ordered, but Ariel's cake and prepping the food for party day. Bring it on! Lol.

I did realize that I forgot to share Ariel's invitations once they were mailed out, so here they are! First off, the personalized stamps, love them! They went on pink envelopes, woot!

Then the invite all done up with the pink ribbon and jewel thingy.

Then open it up and there is a picture of the Barbie girl herself, and a simple invite attached to the black card. I recreated the Barbie silhouette in photoshop and added 3 rhinestones to be her diamond necklace, hee. I even found vintage Barbie font online. I only lost one in the mail! Our friends didn't get one so I am always glad I make an extra and was able to resend one which they got. I never understand how the mail eats things like that?

On Monday I took the kids for a walk in the nice cool weather while the car got an oil change and tune up for our trip. With Xander sick the past few days, we hadn't been out for awhile. It was so nice to get out and enjoy the fresh air. We stopped for a treat at Starbucks when picking up some groceries at the store. Xander happily ate some banana bread...

...while Ariel sipped her apple juice on the rocks. Haha.

Got the car back and made up some broccoli chicken for dinner. Yum! Ariel is on a broccoli kick at the moment, so we have been having it a lot, which is good since its on sale a lot these days. Xander is a clapping and kissing machine right now, its super cute and he just grins like crazy. He is so close to walking... have a feeling while we are away he may just do it. That be special for Ken's mom! Speaking of her, she has been busy preparing for us by getting lots of activities for the kids to play with at the house. Ariel got to see them on our latest skype chat and was eager to get to them. Ariel has also discovered 'go fish' and loves to play it with Ken nightly. Very cute! I look forward to future game nights as a family as Xander grows.

Speaking of the kids, they need a bath and to go to bed... they are both sitting eating out of the fish cracker box at the moment... good parenting eh? Haha.


kelly ens said...

the invitations are pretty amazing...sure the party will follow suit :)

Carol said...

Beautiful invitations and beautiful children and family, too!

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