Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Smooth Sailing!

Project 365 - Day 230

Saw this cool weather vain at the park tonight on top of a gazebo. Just loved it.

So we spent our first day in Michigan! We did get a late start, mainly getting use to the time change. We woke up about 10am here, but that is 7am back home. Got picked up and hung out at the house mainly, as we were waiting on Ariel's car seat to be delivered as the website we were given to check indicated it was on route to us, yay! Although they gave us the times of being delivered between 10am and 10pm, makes the cable guy's time frame of between 9 and noon look good eh?

Ariel spent a good amount of time playing with all the crafts that Grammy had gotten for her to do. Everything from painting, making beads and building stuff. She was in her happy place, haha.

Xander enjoyed playing outside on the porch, with his new car and helping Uncle Jonathan with the dishwasher, haha.

Me and my sweetie!

This is the reason why Uncle Dan and Ariel get along so well... yeah, he is pretty much a big kid!

Car seat finally arrived as we were getting ready to leave for dinner at the park. Ariel was so happy to see it back she hugged it, so sweet.

Dinner was awesome, ribs! Soooooo good!!!

The park was huge and had a giant play area that Ariel's eyes nearly bugged out over. She went running over and played happily for a long time, as you can imagine.

After a walk by the lake, and Ariel's attempting to bird watch, we walked back to the car and came home for a bit before hitting the grocery store for some snacks and cereal for our hotel room.

Afterwards Ken's Dad came by with some birthday gifts for the kids and had a nice visit.

We ended the evening with the kids having a bath in the big jacuzzi, needless to say - They LOVED it!

Sounds like we are hitting the same park again tomorrow as they have a huge kiddy pool and some water slides. It will be nice to cool off in the heat. I must say it isn't terribly uncomfortable, actually its alot like what we had back home but its not muggy.


kelly ens said...

that playground is HUGE!!!

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