Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Niagara Falls

Project 365 - Day 236

Isn't it pretty?! I am always amazed with the beauty of these things in person. I am keeping this post smaller as I need to get to bed so we can wake up early tomorrow morning to get on the road quickly. But here is the breakdown of our day of fun!

So this morning we woke up and got ready for a day of fun at the falls. It was pretty hot again today, and so I can say that I am coming home with quite a tan to say the least. Eek! We started the morning with viewing the Horseshoe Falls.

Ariel was hungry for lunch, so we got something to eat and then headed down to ride the Maid of the Mist boat to see the falls up close. This boat would go up to the falls and basically you got soaked, pretty fun!

Upon arriving at the boat, everyone is given a poncho, including the kids which was so cute. I loved Xander's baby one, hee.

It was pretty wet so I didn't take too many pictures, but this is what it looked like from down there. Beautiful!

The group split up afterwards, Ken, Dan and I went to the Cave of the winds, while Grammy and Jonathan took the kids to the aquarium. The Cave of the winds is a pretty wet experience and Mom figured Ariel and Xander might not enjoy it, and she was probably right, it was rather intense... but so much fun!

After regrouping and having some ice cream, I tried dippin dots for the first time, yum, we went on to walk and check out Three Sister Islands.

It was very pretty over there and I got Ken to snap this picture of me and my little man.

So tomorrow is a long day of driving... like 7.5 hours. Ugh. Don't expect anything that exciting tomorrow, haha. Hope the kids do well. Next stop, New York City!


kelly ens said...

wow...it is so beautiful there! never been, but maybe some day.
fantastic pictures!

Kristin said...

Looks amazing, Niagara falls is defiantly on my list of things to see.
Also you guys appear to be having a wonderful trip. What fun!

Kim said...

Wow, it sounds like you guys are having an awesome trip! Your pictures are simply breathtaking! Looking forward to hearing about New York City!!

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