Wednesday, August 04, 2010

No Time?

Project 365 - Day 216

Feeling like you don't have enough time in the day? Do what our village does, eliminate time altogether. Hehe.... naw, they are just doing the annual 'lets fix the clock so it can break down in a month and be wrong for another full year till we fix it again' ... seriously, we do this! This clock has four faces... each was a different time... and hasn't moved since last summer. I think the longest this clock has actually worked was a few months tops. Ahhh, one of the most visible and tallest landmarks in our village and its crud. Blah!

Did some pre-baking today for the first baby shower cake... good thing I did because I read the wrong baking time on my recipe and lets say the vanilla cupcakes are more darker than they should be. Doh! Ariel isn't complaining, since she gets to eat them now.

Xander's fevers are getting fewer and a slight rash seems to be appearing so it looks as if the boy has roseola! I remember Ariel getting it and for some reason I didn't even think of that, probably because Ariel had her fever for a day or so. I guess he picked it up at our camp last week, but I really just want him to feel better. He was so cuddly and sweet today, but so hot at times that its hard to hold him. We had a nice bath together where he played and was cooling off. Feel better soon little man!

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