Saturday, August 21, 2010

Rain Rain Go Away

Project 365 - Day 233

The kids watched the guy cleaning the pool this morning before we left the hotel. They seemed to find it fascinating, haha.

So today it rained... a lot. It was a rain I haven't really experienced before, it was warm. It was really nice and kinda like being in a shower. Ariel liked playing it in, especially in her bare feet, something she has never been able to do before.

However, the downside of the rain was that our picnic dinner with the family was cancelled. It wasn't weather that we could bring Yaya out in, so we will most likely be seeing her tomorrow sometime.

The day became a lazy one, I even took a nap on the couch! Crazy, haha. Ken's good friends Steve and Mary came to visit us which was nice. Mom made us all panini sandwiches for lunch and it was a nice afternoon at home.

Xander needed a nap and wasn't about to take one and since I needed to get out and do something after being lazy most of the day, we went for a drive and the moment we were in the car Xander was out. Ken took me to JoAnn's fabrics where he and Xander napped in the car while I got to shop. Found some super cute cupcake fabric and a few new fall goodies for my stash to decorate with. Yay.

Came back home and we had decided to give Mom the night off and took the whole family to dinner. They just opened a new Greek place in town. We went to the other location in Greektown when we visited back in 2007 and I was eager to have some saganaki, aka the flaming cheese again! When our waitress lit it at our table and shouted 'OPA!' we all watched our fireball.

Ariel was not sure what she thought of the fire being that close to her.

Dinner was awesome and it was nice to give Mom a treat. Xander discovered he loved rice and spent the whole dinner stuffing it into his mouth. I had a combo plate with lots of the best things including lamb shank, spanakoteropeta, moussaka and dolmathes. Can I say the lamb was amazing and the moussaka was to dye for... oooh.

After dinner we came back to the house where Jonathan wanted to watch the live action Chipmunks movie. Ariel hadn't seen the first one, so she sat happily and enjoyed it. I must say its much better than the sequel which I had to sit through at the theater. She enjoyed it and so did Xander who was dancing along with the music.

Tomorrow we are planning to go to Greenfield Village, which I am super excited about. The weather is suppose to be good too, so yay! Its our last day in Michigan tomorrow as well, which is kinda sad. I am looking forward to the next week of our trip, but its still sad to leave again. Not sure when we will be back again, hopefully it won't be as long as last time, but you never know.
So I better get to bed, its midnight here... 9pm BC time... still not use to it. Blah!

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