Sunday, August 08, 2010

Getting My Art On

Project 365 - Day 220

My favorite necklace! Ken gave me this for mother's day and eventually the matching earrings for another special occasion. I always get lots of complements on it because its rather unique looking.

Today we missed church, mainly since Xander is still recovering and didn't think he should be in the nursery to share his germs. So, we all stayed home and had a quiet morning. We had a skype chat with Ken's mom and she was showing Ariel all the goodies she has ready for our visit. Eek! Its coming up fast, and we are all very excited. I don't have much time to think about it this week as this weekend is Ariel's 4th birthday party!!! Oh my goodness, she is turning 4! Its kinda surreal, but amazing.

On top of party prep, I have another cake to put together for another baby shower, scan and prepare Xander's birthday book, swimming lessons for Ariel, get the car in for an oil change and several other things I haven't thought of yet. Its going to be a busy week that is for sure... wish me luck!

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