Sunday, August 02, 2009


Well, we survived! Haha, another birthday party come and gone, and this one was most definitely a blast! Back when we went to Disneyland last September, we all had this idea of a Lilo and Stitch Luau party, yes we planned it that far back, gack! Ariel loves Stitch, and so during the year we were able to pick up little things here and there for her big day. We also planned the party early so that we didn't get too close to my due date, and to the point where I wouldn't have been able to enjoy the party. Almost everyone was there, but we had a few no shows due to illness and camping trips, but I am sure you just wanna see pictures, so here we go.

The birthday girl and Stitch!

Dad and Rita did a wonderful job setting up the backyard. Dad and I had gone to Toys r Us earlier that week and got a new pool, and it was really nice and deep. Dad said he even tried it out, haha. Dad also hung a large tarp which covered nearly half of the yard, and I am thankful for that, because it got very hot again that day. Not as bad as it has been, but still for kids to be out, it was a life saver.

The one nice thing about a Lilo and Stitch party, we have lots of things from around our house that we can use for decoration, haha. Disney fans... us? Naw... hehe. Here is the kids table, with 'pine cone' cups as Ariel called them, haha.

Each spot had a little treat of jellybeans with a luau rubber duckie. The duckies are becoming a birthday tradition with us every year, so cute. The jellybeans were Ariel's pick, yummy.

Then as her guests were arriving, Ariel got her swim suit on with her luau gear, too cute!

The kids had a great time chowing down on the fun food we put together...

Some of the things we made, macadamia nut chicken nuggets with dipping sauce, mini Hawaiian pizzas, fruit kabobs and BBQ chicken. Lots of salads and drinks as well, woot!

A swim helped cool things off when it got too hot...

... then it was story time! The kids loved this year's story. To read an online version, click HERE.

Afterwards, it was time for CAKE! The kids had been eye balling it most of the morning, haha.

Our friend Katie made the topper again for us, so cute.

Ariel however wasn't interested in blowing out her candle, haha. Guess she wants to stay 2! Either way, her friend Asher came and helped her out. Very cute.

Once the cake was eaten... soooo yummy, we let Ariel open her gifts. She got some lovely things: a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse mega blocks set, dress up bear sewing cards, lots of stickers and activity books, a cute Olympic outfit, birthday money and a new doll.

We took the party inside to watch Ariel's slide show on the big screen. The kids all kicked along to the video, which was really funny, haha.

Here is the slide show, enjoy. Oh, Ariel picked the songs this year, seriously! The first is from the Lilo and Stitch soundtrack, the second is playing on the radio these days and since she thinks she is 'Supergirl' when playing hero around the house, well, it just seemed to become a personal fav. Go figure? My pop princess, haha.

Then out came Ariel's big present from us, Grandpa and Rita. A beautiful wooden dollhouse, complete with furniture and dolls. The kids were all over it and it was a huge hit! Needless to say I think it will be getting lots of playtime.

I love this picture of the kids playing away, hee.

As we prepared to say goodbye to our guests, we gave out our party favors... Stitch dolls! I had found a lot of 9 of them on ebay several months ago when trying to find Stitch napkins. Seriously, I got all 9 for $20!!! It was an amazing deal and such a great way to wrap up the party. I love this shot of them with their toys. Hee.

One thing that really did stand out that day was Nana and Papa not being there. It felt weird and kinda sad. However, in usual God fashion, he brought comfort when we saw 2 eagles flying over our party. Seriously! Mom and Nana came to see the festivities, and I managed to hold it together, but how awesome and amazing is that.

Once things were cleaned up and everyone had left... all we had was a day of memories and me with feet triple their size! Ugh. Yes, my feet had paid the price and boy were they sore. Thank goodness we had lots of leftovers so I didn't have to cook dinner. That night I ended up waking up in serious pain with leg cramps in BOTH my lower legs. I cried out in pain and poor Ken could do little to help. He brought some frozen veggies from the freezer which helped ease the stabbing pain. I have noticed when these cramps seem to come on its when my feet are at their most swollen.

We ended up sleeping in and missing church. Once we were dressed we decided to have a pizza hut lunch and stop in at Toys r Us so I could get a gift for Sienna's party next weekend. Its easier to get these things done with Ken home anyways these days. So we did that and Ariel spent a bit of her birthday money from Blair and Deborah and got a Disney princess cash register set. Its pretty funny to play with, except when they ask if you are paying cash or credit! Yikes! Lets not start her knowledge of credit cards yet, sheesh.

Sooooooooo, that pretty much wraps up our weekend. I am planning on putting my feet up and hoping they shrink. Lots coming up in the next few weeks, only 24 days and counting, eek!


Karen said...

What a great party--looks like so much fun! Love all the attention to detail. :o) HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Amy said...

SUPER god job on that cake!!! Looks like a fun party! I love that the two "eagles" stopped by to celebrate with you- so special!!

Tera said...

Super party! Brynna watched the slideshow with me and she said, "Ariel is posing!" I said, "Yes, she's quite the little model!" :) I can't believe how "big girl" she looks in that first picture with Stitch...just can't believe they are almost 3! We also had Braylee's 2nd birthday party a few weeks early so it didn't interfere with Brynna's arrival. I think we all enjoyed it more that way.

Megan said...

You are amazing.

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