Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Feeling Hot, Hot, HOT!

We are trying to survive... barely. Ugh Seriously, we had two mild summers and then I get pregnant and BAM, heat wave. It really is just like the summer we were waiting for Ariel... only I have to wait that much longer... sigh.

Ariel is starting to notice my odd behavior and things I do to keep cool and is mimicking them, haha. My personal favorite thing to do is hop in a cold shower and then sit in front of a fan... Ariel is now doing this as well. Haha.

This past weekend we had a HUGE thunderstorm, something that doesn't happen that often around here. Ken really misses them, since they get them more in Michigan. Ariel loved touching the falling rain from the deck, and wasn't at all afraid of the loud booms and streaks of lightening. Must take after Ken, hee.

On Sunday afternoon Mike and Jo took Ariel for the afternoon so we could go see Harry Potter 6 with our airmiles. I was very excited to be in an air conditioned theater and just relax. Well, I soon discovered my seat wasn't very comfortable for my pregnant state, and I kept trying to move and find something that worked, blah. Then, the air conditioning was not up as high as I would have liked. Frankly, I didn't even feel it, and yet Ken said it wasn't bad. I guess I am too far gone, haha.

Either way, the movie was good, and it was nice to have a date with my sweetie. When we went back to pick up Ariel, she wasn't ready to go. She had gone swimming, played rock band and watched some of Finding Nemo with her Aunty and Uncle. They took some cute pictures, so I hope to get some, especially the ones with her playing rock band.

Yesterday I had a doctor's appointment in Richmond, ugh. I really didn't want to go out, it was so hot, however I had no choice. Ariel and I made our way to the clinic and I got to meet the doctor that is now filling in for my doctor during her summer break. I LOVE her!!! She is so nice, and very friendly. She will also be the one doing my surgery, so I feel really good about it. Some of the nerves I was feeling about the upcoming c-section were put to rest meeting her, so yay!

Speaking of my c-section, I am getting REALLY tired of the rude comments I get in regards to it. Its not like its my first option, with Ariel we tried everything, and again with this little guy we were willing to try again if I could get into labour, but because of my history it doesn't look likely. Not to mention he is STILL sideways, and doesn't look like he is planning on moving. The doctor laughed saying, 'its weird, his position is so awkward its like your belly is empty'. Its getting to the point that if he doesn't move into head down position, that I would have ended up with another c-section regardless.

But getting back to the comments. I have to prepare for the surgery, just like giving birth, and for people to come up to me and basically say things that are pretty much calling me a loser, don't make me feel nice. Seriously, I understand its not the perfect or traditional way of having baby, but I am still having one. Pushing down my throat that surgery sucks isn't helping me feel good about the fact, I STILL NEED the surgery!

A lady at church, made several comments to me, and had this look on her face like I chose to do it as the easy way, and that I was 'too posh to push'. Um, easy!? Have you been cut open lady? Have you gone through several days of trying everything to get into labour, avoiding all the drugs you didn't want, an epidural that took 3 times to get in because you had to have a procedure that you didn't want at all! My doctors did everything under the sun to get Ariel out, and by the end of it, I was so depressed that I had failed... but that is just it, I didn't. Sure my body didn't do what it was made to do, but my daughter is still here, alive and well. The only thing that is important is a healthy baby, and if my body can't give birth the traditional way, then I guess that is what God had in store for me. She didn't seem to back off until I finally mentioned my mom had c-sections with both me and my brother. Then she seemed to go 'oh, well then, its family history, too bad.' Gosh, thanks so much. Vent over!

After our short and sweet appointment, Ariel and got some McD's for a picnic on the deck. Ahhh, the deck gets shade most of the day till dinner time, so its been a retreat.

Today, we had to wait at home for Fed Ex to arrive with the book we made for Ariel's birthday. I'll post the online link when I blog about her party this weekend. Yay. So I got my Dad to bring over Ariel's pool and we set it up and then I decided to pull out our air mattress and lay out in the shade watching her. Oh it was heaven, and I think we stayed out for at least 3 hours. Ariel kept bringing snacks from the fridge of apples and carrots, haha.

Oh, here is my list and its been updated slightly, yay!

- new ballet tights for Ariel

- arrange overnight care for Ariel while in the hospital
- cook and freeze some meals
- batteries for the various baby things (vibrating chair, glow worm etc.)
- pack hospital bag and diaper bag

- get new breast pump (Thanks to Dad and Rita for getting it on their trip to the states)

- finish dedication outfit for Xander - Its half way finished!

Hope by next week when the party is over I have more stuff done. Ken is finishing his course writing this week, and will be totally done by FRIDAY! Yay! I did manage to make appointments for Ariel's 3rd year check up with her doctor, and a first visit for her to our dentist. Well, its starting to get hot again, the evening sun is coming, boo! Time to hide upstairs, have a good night!


Dianne said...

Ugh. Heat. I wouldn't mind it so much, except apparently Hana doesn't like to eat or sleep when she's overheated!!

And screw the naysayers! Be sure to have fun talking to your friends about all the come backs that you'd love to say but don't because you have some selfcontrol (unlike some people)!

You're not alone. I still get comments about how it must have been so easy and fast to simply adopt. Gee whiz... yes... it was... and yes my motivation was that I wanted to stay skinny. (idiots) Our precious children are proof positive that we have made the absolute best choices for them!

(Whee! Rants!)

kelly ens said...

people, people, people!!!! how inconsiderate they can be! you have every right to 'rant' about it. some people are totally ignorant and have no idea what it means to think before speaking. i'm surprised people actually say stuff like that.
ANYway - you're got good perspective and are doing what you and Xander need to do to bring him into the world safely - good on ya! :)

Tera said...

I'm so sorry people are being rude about your c-section. :( I don't know why people see them as the "easy way out"...it's surgery!! I believe God has Xander transverse for a reason...to help you feel better about the c-section...knowing you'd need it either way. And you are completely right, you have not failed in the least. You have a beautiful, thriving little girl to prove it!! ((big hugs))

Love Ariel's new duds from Grammy. So cute!

I wish I could bring cooler weather or air-conditioning to you. We have had a very mild summer and lots of thunderstorms...maybe you guys should come visit! :)

Hope your leg is feeling better too. Drink lots of things like Gatorade or Smart Water to help with the muscle cramps.

Karen said...

I can't believe the rude comments about having a c-section. That is ridiculous!

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