Friday, July 24, 2009

Friday I'm In Pain!

My morning started with a bang, or a scream actually. Around 5am I remember waking up and feeling uncomfortable, and started to use my leg to help push my body over to the side and 'OUCH'. I really don't know what happened, but suddenly I felt what seemed like stabbing pains in my lower leg. I think I pulled a muscle, due to the weight and awkwardness of the movement I was making. Stupid, really stupid, but I didn't know it was going to happen. I literally was screaming in our room, waking Ken up in fear as to what was wrong. I just kept rocking back and forth yelling 'my leg, my leg'. It hurt so bad and finally the pain started to ease back. However, it was too late, the whole lower calf was tight and sore now. Ugh.

I got back to sleep only to wake up later still in pain. I could barely walk to the bathroom, more like hobble. Sigh, Oh well. I didn't get to dwell on it as we all were gathering downstairs for a quick web cam chat with Grammy so she could watch Ariel open her early birthday gifts. I like to spread it out otherwise its a bit overwhelming. We got the big box yesterday filled with goodies for both Ariel and Xander, actually we ran into the postman on the way to the bottle depot and he gave it to us then, haha. I unpacked it and it pretty much filled a good corner of our table.

So we got with the unwrapping and Ariel was having a great time. A few cute outfits for school...

...a big sister shirt too!

My cute girl!!!

Then she opened several craft kits and of course now we have lots of projects to do over the next month. She was ready to start one right then and there. Haha.

After saying thank you and Daddy leaving for work, we went out for coffee to see Stella one last time before she went on vacation for 2 weeks. Sniff. Of course it was a challenge walking to the coffee shop, but I figured the walking would help the muscle. We had a quick visit and headed back since the girls were coming to clean our house, YAY!

Ariel sat on the couch waiting for Chels and Amanda and was very excited when they arrived... mainly because she was thinking they were coming to play with her. In fact she was down right mad when we had to leave. Not pretty...

So we went into Richmond to pick up a backpack I had on hold for Ariel. However, had I known the traffic was going to be so bad, I might have waited till tomorrow. Sigh. Anyways, we trudged on and the walking in the mall was good. I found my leg easing up a bit as we walked on... plus the mall has air conditioning. Whee! We picked up the backpack, which goes with her lunch bag. Ariel was thrilled and then I found a cute coat for her, since she needed a nice light weight coat to wear for early fall. She wasn't as excited about it, mainly because she was getting hungry, so we headed off for home. We were going to Anna's place to visit with her and Katrina (baby Caleb too) again for lunch.

Then things changed, the traffic was now terrible on the way home too! What gives!! I sat not moving in several spots and soon realized my return time of 11am was now nearly pushing noon! Ack!!! Ariel was hungry and cranky, and I was getting sore. Chels called my cel as we finally neared the tunnel, so we had to go home to lock up now, so I made the decision that we weren't going to make it to Anna's. Sigh, so we got home I called, and Ariel was REALLY upset now. She wanted to go, badly. Mean mommy.

As we chatted with the girls, in the midst of Ariel acting like a terror, Amanda asked if Ariel would be one of her flower girls at her wedding next summer! I was thrilled, and knew Ariel would be too, once she was fed and not acting like a crazy beast. We said goodbye and I called Ken to share the news. So exciting and of course such a honor to be included on their special day. Eek!

With Ariel on the warpath of disappointment, I took her to McDonalds. We went inside, which is a HUGE treat, since I hate eating there, haha. She perked up, got a fun toy and was suddenly my princess again. I had to make up the canceling of our original lunch date, especially since she knew what we were going to be doing, and all the way home was saying 'when are we going to Anna's?' Thankfully, my exchange was accepted and during lunch she talked about being a flower girl, although I am sure she isn't totally sure what that means. Either way, pretty funny... I think the dress is a big draw, haha.

After our lunch we went to the consignment shop since I noticed in the morning on the way to coffee they had dance leotards in the window and I wanted to check it out. So we went in and can I say how excited I was!!! They carry not only the leotards but shoes and tights!!! Yes, the much needed tights are just a few feet away, no driving needed. Yay!!! What now I haven't said is yesterday I got a call saying that her summer camp class that was to start next week was canceled. Oh the tears that flowed after having to tell her that weren't fun. Sigh.

As I picked out new tights, I saw the cute leotard with the sleeves and saw they were thicker than hers. I decided it be better and warmer for her to have one of those and so I got new gear for my dance princess. I didn't think she needed new shoes until we got home and when trying it on, because she HAD to dance all afternoon now, that her shoes were too small! Her feet had a MAJOR grow spurt and her toes were curling in these shoes. Soooooo, I guess someone is getting new shoes then. Ah well, she was so due for a growth spurt, she wore those shoes for over a year, almost unheard of for kids shoes really. I will be saving them though, her first dance shoes, so special. I am going to sell her other leotard and skirts, so if you are interested, let me know. I have a black or pink set, if not they will go to the consignment shop.

Well, that has been our day in a nutshell. Ariel is ready for bed, so I need to tuck her in. Have a good weekend everyone! We are looking forward to a movie date, as Mike and Jo are willing to watch Ariel so we can go see the new Harry Potter film, yay. So excited, eek!


Kristen said...

Ariel got such cute gifts!! Sorry to hear about your leg cramp. I have gotten them each pregnancy several times a night from about 20 weeks to 30 weeks. They are so painful!! LOVE Ariel in her dance gear!

Rebecca R said...

Jay, you had leg cramps! I got them a lot when preg with my sons, never with Lucy - must be a "boy" thing!! Be prepared for more...I was told eating a banana is good - full of potassium, but I think you may just have to wait until Xander arrives x

Megan said...

She's such a little model in her cute outfits! Lucky girl!
PS: I also had leg cramps with both boys!

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