Wednesday, July 22, 2009

35 Days and counting!!!

Yes, we are 35 days away from meeting our son!!! I can't believe it and yet in someways it freaks me out, are we ready? In my head I am constantly making lists and trying to get things done so that when he arrives it won't be too crazy. With the big day at the end of the month of August, my mind is always thinking of what needs to be ready for Ariel in the ways of preschool and ballet class. I won't be able to run around getting things done after my surgery and I know things like picking up new ballet tights for Ariel aren't going to be something Ken will be able to help with... just a hunch. Haha.

So for the sake of not forgetting, here is what I really still need to do.

- new ballet tights for Ariel
- arrange overnight care for Ariel while in the hospital
- cook and freeze some meals
- batteries for the various baby things (vibrating chair, glow worm etc.)
- pack hospital bag and diaper bag
- get new breast pump
- finish dedication outfit for Xander

I am sure this list will grow more, but at the moment they seem to be the most pressing items.

The past few days have been pretty uncomfortable for me. I hate complaining, but honestly I HURT!!! Just seems I can't stand up, bend down or walk without being really sore. My child is big, my body isn't and so its a bit of a struggle. Oh how I wish for a longer torso to help balance this little guy out. Plus now I am constantly clumsy and one turn has me knocking everything over. Ugh. Add in the heat and giant swollen feet... makes for a bit of a cranky girl. Blah... so you have been warned!

After the great cinnamon bun incident, I figured the rest of the weekend would be low key, HAHAHAHAHA! Saturday night Ken found Ariel in her room with my bottle of tums that I NEVER have down but had needed one the night before and had it still beside my bed, doh! She kept saying she didn't take one, but after a grilling from Mommy, we did discovered she tried at least one. Just to be save, we called poison control, and they said not to worry. Sigh...

Then Sunday rolls around and I am going to a baby shower for my friend Michelle and so I stayed home from church since we would need to leave early for the noon time. Ken had to greet at church so he and Ariel left. While I was showering and really enjoying the peace and quiet... I hear sobbing. They hadn't been gone 20 minutes and they were back, only Ariel had a huge lip and Ken was covered in blood! Yes, our girl tripped and put her teeth in her bottom lip AGAIN!!! Oh good grief! I took a picture and maybe one day will make a book of all of these accidents. If there was ever a question if she got my clumsy gene, its determined.

Sunday afternoon, I had pulled out a painting book set we had in Ariel's art box in hopes that she would sit still so I could finish the last of the paintings for her birthday book. Guess what?! It worked!!! She loved it and within a day she had done the whole book. Daddy got a picture of his girls hard at work painting. Awww, bonding time. Hee.

Monday was a very quiet day for us, and I spent most of it getting the paintings scanned and getting the book ready to upload to the printers. Thankfully Ariel was again entertained with her new painting book and we had a very relaxing day.

Tuesday morning we had a nice visit from Irene who brought Ariel one of her favorite smiley face cookies from the bakery. I always enjoy a nice chat and since we don't get out much, I always appreciated those little drop in surprises. Ariel even played ponies with Irene, which is always fun, haha.

Then at noon, Stella came by for lunch and then we drove out to see Kara and Chris' new place. I forgot to mention the last time we went driving with Stella, we had locked the windows so Ariel couldn't open them since she figured it out. Her response, 'These windows need new batteries Mommy!'

Ariel really liked Kara's exercise bike and gave it her best try. Haha.

It was REALLY hot that afternoon and so Kara walked us down to the little water park and she and Ariel had fun cooling off while Stella and I sat in the shade. Ahhhh.

The cute water babes, hee.

Time to get dry... didn't need a towel really, but the time we walked back she was bone dry. It was a fun afternoon and on the way home Ariel briefly fell asleep in the car.

That evening, we were invited over for dinner with Dad and Rita as Ross and Kailey were in town for some doctor visits for their pregnancy. Dad made some awesome BBQ ribs, of so good. We had a great chat with them, mostly about the disturbing shows (or maybe just in the eyes of adults) on Treehouse. It was agreed that Max & Ruby was the the most annoying followed closely by 4 Square for just plain creepy. Haha.

Today Ariel and I were out for a morning walk before the heat came in. We picked up our groceries and a new paint box for Ariel. She was pretty proud and carried it home in her little hands, hee. When we arrived home she was ready to paint, and it allowed me to get a few things done.

Such a serious artist at work, haha.

Well, I need to get back to work on my list, think I may do some sewing since my table is clear at the moment. Next week is all about prepping for Ariel's birthday party, whee, we are excited!!!


Michelle said...

You Look Mah-Velous!!! Simply Mah-Velous.Enjoy the fan and staying in with Miss Ariel.

Amy said...

It's getting so close!!! You are keeping busy, so it should fly by right??

kelly ens said...

where do you get ballet tights? (why do i think the answer might be 'gymboree'? :)
what kind of breast pump are you looking for? manual or electric? do you have a brand in mind? if you wanted, you'd be welcome to borrow my manual medela, or buy it for super cheap.

Jay said...

Haha, sadly no Kelly, the tights are from a dance shop. I just found out there should be one up in Tsawwassen that carry them, so that makes life easier.

As for the pump, thank you for the offer, if things get crazy I just might take you up on it. :) I did want to get an electric one again, just since I found it easier to deal with last time. I was looking at the Medela Single Deluxe. I might be able to get it online and shipped to Rita's PO box in the US.

Megan said...

HATE Max and Ruby!! Also, In the Night Garden and Little Bear and Franklin.. and.. ok, new list, ones I like:
Sid the Science Kid
Super Why (I even friends on FB!!)
The Wiggles (b/c of Anthony!)
Curious George.

Why did you need to know that? You didn't!
Also.. I was thinking, you should really for-go the C-section and have me as your doula! Your doc can induce when I'm there.. it will be perfect! hahah!

Tera said...

Good luck with your list...I remember those days. Love the picture of you girls painting. :)

Jill Brochard said...

So close Jay! Hope Ariel's lip is all healed up by now. Love the picture of the two of you painting together!

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