Friday, July 17, 2009

The Nose Knows...

Ah... another day, another adventure. So last night when Ken called after his dinner, I was finally in break down mode. I was sobbing mainly due to being so tired and sore. Ariel had kicked and clawed me at the ER pretty badly and I just wanted Ken to be here to help. Of course he was beside himself when he heard what happened and how I couldn't reach him. He came in the door nearly in tears and after hugging me was at Ariel's side as she slept.

We had Ariel sleep in our room so we monitor her in the night. When I climbed into bed the nerves, pain and stress finally took its toll and I was REALLY sick in the bathroom. The rest of the night I didn't sleep well and was up every few hours trying to get comfortable.

7am finally comes and we shower and prepare to leave. Of course Ariel wasn't allowed to eat or drink anything, and lets just say that didn't go over well. We arrived at Children's Hospital at about 830am and were directed to the nose and throat specialist area. Since we didn't have an appointment, we had no idea how long we would have to wait to see someone since they had to 'try and fit us in'. Thankfully, a resident took us and got things started. Then we waited about 20 minutes to see the doctor, who was a wonderful man and was just fabulous with Ariel.

After looking up her nose, the doctor seemed to think that most of the bun must have made its way down the throat in her sleep. To be on the safe side, he brought in the scope, a tiny camera that had to go up Ariel's nose. That's when things got rough. With several med students standing around, and Ken hold Ariel's body, and I her head, the scope went into her nose. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. The tears were rolling down her cheeks and I must say I am surprised I didn't loose it. Maybe had Ken not been there I probably would have. The last of the bun seemed to be moved by the camera, and her nose was clear, yay! Thankfully food tends to come down easily where as things like paper or crayon don't (good to know!)

When they finished, Ariel jumped into my arms and wouldn't let go. She did perk up when the doctor brought her a princess wand for being a good patient. Frankly, all she cared about at that point was getting something to eat...

... so of course she picked quiche as her breakfast of choice. Yay. We had a long talk over breakfast about food belonging in the tummy, not the nose. I am hoping the pain of the scope up the nose will help enforce that memory. Ha.

Ken stayed home to work the remainder of the day, which was a huge help to me. I was still really tired from the day before and not sleeping well. I took Ariel out to visit Anna and Katrina for a few hours so Ken could get some work done, and then came home so he could take over and I could rest. Ahhh. My feet are really swollen and I keep hopping in the cold shower to take the edge off. Ugh. Heat = bad!!!

Soooooooooooo, here is the long overdue fashion show. I got some great mix and match pieces that will be great for preschool, easy pull down leggings and skirt (gotta make bathroom trips easy.) Generally Ariel is really good with harder things like tights and jeans, but I figure these will be easier to move around in. Plus the skirt has a built in underpants over, so no need to worry if she isn't 'lady like' completely. Haha. So here we go... Ariel loved the teapot on this shirt, my tea party girl!

The leggings with a different top, yay for cupcakes!

We also got a sweater Ariel can wear for some extra warmth if she needs it. She needs layers since she can get overheated so quickly. The hat was her pick, she loves her hats!

Finally a new sweater dress! We LOVE these, and the fact next year it will be a tunic top is great for multi wear.

I also found Ariel a cute lunch bag for her snack at the Gap. So cute!!!

I hope it was worth the wait, haha. There will be more to share, as Grammy told us today she went shopping for school stuff for Ariel too and its coming with her birthday gifts in a big box. Woot! Grammy also shared another one of Ken's cousins has gotten engaged and the wedding is in NEW YORK next summer most likely. I have been dying to go to New York, so crossing our fingers that we can swing it. The fact Ken's family would be there is a plus, since we could make a big vacation out of it. Eek. Positive thoughts!!! Haha.

Well, I am going back to the cold shower, as I am melting... only a tad longer till the sun goes down... ugh. If we do ever have another baby, note to self, summer pregnancies SUCK!!! You would have thought I would have learnt that lesson the last time, but this guy was meant to be, so I guess we don't always have a say. Haha. Hmm, maybe Ken wants some ice cream... hee.


Tera said...

Glad to hear Ariel's nose is clear! Thanks for the fashion show...the yellow top, short cake top, and sweater are all on my list too. ;) I love the sweater dress! I haven't seen the Tea line in person yet, so I'm anxious to see it and pick out my stuff tomorrow...I've got 5 gymbucks to use! Yeah!

kelly ens said...

wow, what an ordeal :( Poor ariel (poor mommy!!!!!). glad it's all over.
SUPER cute clothes on Ariel - and she's such a poser (Taeya...not so much).

Kristen said...

I am so glad Ariel is okay, but what an ordeal on you both! Take it easy on those feet mama!! Love the fashion show!

Carla said...

Wowza! I'm so glad Arial is okay! I love her little fashion show. She is a doll!

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