Sunday, July 05, 2009

Hobbit Feet...

I looked down in the shower this morning and realized I have hobbit feet... ok minus the hair. I told Kara in church and she said at least its hard to see them, haha. I will say they are becoming more sore as the days go on. I don't think they are anywhere like they were in my first pregnancy, but I still have a month and 3 weeks to go. Yes, I know the exact time left, blah!

Friday morning Ariel and I walked into town since it was a tad cooler. We swung by the grocery store to pick up a few things and discovered a new machine by the door. It was called DVD Play. Basically, it was machine to rent new release movies from for only $2 (that's with the tax included). Basically it was a night rental, due back the next day at 7pm. There are only 2 video stores in our town, and needless to say that the $2 price wins hands down. We never rent anything new because I am cheap when it comes to rentals, haha. Usually we will request and wait for it at the library (sometimes months if the wait list is long) or wait till it becomes an old title, also months it seems, blah. This is a wonderful chance for us to see some new films we missed in the winter. So I rented Confessions of a Shopaholic since Ken was to be working on his course that night.

Later that evening, Ariel and I worked on some of her birthday party stuff. As she watched me glue the papers together to make her invitations I asked her who she wanted to invite... she looked up and said 'Papa'! I glanced at Ken who was at the computer who shot back a sad smile. I turned back to her and said, 'sweetie, Papa lives far away now and probably won't be able to come'. She looked disappointed and then asked, 'what about Nana.' That one got me in the gut. I bend down to her level and looked at her and reminded her that Nana went to heaven. She then seemed to remember and slumped against the counter in disappointment. I hugged her and we sat quietly for a moment. The big first finally came, Ariel's first party without her Nana and Papa. Sigh...

So yesterday was the 4th of July, and we had Ariel decked out in her red, white and blue dress I made last year. Glad it still fit like her Canada Day one. She was very eager to go to the parade... mostly due to the fact we said there was candy, haha.

We had breakfast with Dad and Rita, and then followed them down across the border into Point Roberts. Ariel was excited to play in the park close to where we sat on the road. Gotta love tire swings, especially there aren't any in our parks.

We sat down to watch the parade only to have my battery die on my camera, doh. I really wish I had it working because lets just say it was an 'interesting' parade. It was a space theme this year. Lots of tin foil, which I imagine wouldn't be comfortable in the heat. Ariel got into waving at everyone who passed in hopes of getting candy, haha.

One thing that happened that somewhat surprised us was Ariel's reaction when getting candy, or not getting it. The people on the floats threw candy and the kids ran to get it, but Ariel was tad slow, so this little guy next to us (and his over assertive grandmother who was egging him on to grab ALL the candy) took the piece of candy that Ariel was about to pick up. Needless to say she was stunned and then in shock to us, she turned and cried! My heart broke, I never have seen her react with so much feeling. 'He took my candy Mommy' she wailed. Of course after that (and the fact the Grandmother showed no remorse for the act) I had Ken help her. The young teen girl on the other side of us who saw what happened also would dash out and grab candy for Ariel. So we were thankful for her kindness, as was Ariel as she got her several lollipops, her fav!

After the parade we had lunch and came home to rest. I was zonked, Ariel chilled and Ken did some work. All in all, a lazy afternoon till dinner time. Bedtime proved to be rough getting Ariel down since she was so over tired that she couldn't settle. Ken finally had to lay down with her after I was too tired to get up anymore. Within 5 minutes of him laying there beside her, she was out like a light.

Today was church and another lazy afternoon. We cleaned up the living room when I broke down in tears because it was so messy and I couldn't bend down easily to clean it myself. Yes, hormones are at full capacity, haha. After doing a bit of sewing, I went to have a nap and fell asleep only for Ken to wake me up just before 6pm. Ack! So much for making dinner, so we got cheap pizza and my chicken will have to wait for tomorrow. Ok, Ken and Ariel went to visit with Pastor Dave tonight, he has some film clips he wanted to show him. So I am going to go enjoy the peace and quiet... ahh.


kelly ens said...

awww, so sad to hear her asking about nana and papa :(
i remember so well, those near-end pregnancy frustrations in the summer - praying for some extra strength, comfort, and rest (physically and emotionally on all of those).

Caroline said...

Your little princess is adorable! Aerial is our daughter's absolute favorite princess- everything is Aerial in our home :) LOL Anyway- thought you may like to hear that I totally sympathize with the sore feet. That is no fun at all...mine seem to always ache! I am not even pregnant anymore...but it is from chasing our kids around all day! Our family has really been on a mission to find more natural ways in our life and we just tried a natural pain cream called Topricin. We love ti! I even use it on our kiddos...and it is safe for pregnancy too! Maybe this will help? Take care, Caroline

Brenda said...

Bah to mean kids (and grandma's) at parades! :(

I got all teary eyed when I read about her invitations. Lotsa hugs coming your way!

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