Friday, August 28, 2009

We're Home!!!

Huzzah! We sprung out of the hospital earlier than expected! Woot. Right now its just Ken, myself and Xander at home at the moment. We had planned for Ariel to be at Stella's tonight since we were told Saturday was when we would come home, so we decided to keep that plan and we would have our first night home with Xander alone before Ariel shows up tomorrow.... especially since we know it will be very crazy.

Everything went pretty well, I am still in some serious pain, but as long as I stay on top of my pills, its not too bad. I must say that certain things are more sore this time around, but other things were far easier. Sooooo, here goes the telling of Xander's arrival.

Wednesday morning I was up around 4am after waking up myself before the alarm did. Had a long shower and talked to Xander for the last time in my belly. It was so weird to think in a few hours he would be out. Nerves got to me and I threw up a few times, mainly due to the fact I wasn't allowed any food. At 5am Dad and Rita showed up to stay with Ariel until she woke up. I went and kissed her goodbye and tried not to cry. We left and got on the road in the dark... totally strange to do by the way, not use to it. No one was on the road and we arrived at the hospital right on time at 530am. Gack!

We were shown to our room and got changed into a gown for me and scrubs for Ken.

The nurse came in to get my IV started, and I remembered how much I hated the IV last time. I have really tricky veins in my hand, and it took 3 stabs last time to get it right... thankfully, it was only 2 stabs this time, but once in each hand. Ouch.

Then we waited for the nurse to take me to the OR, and that is when I started getting all upset and nervous. They weren't going to bring Ken down until I was all ready to go. I had to do the next few steps alone, and I didn't want to. When I left, Ken gave me a huge hug and I tried to be brave. The nurse kept asking questions about Ariel, I think to help me refocus. It helped, but the moment we were at the OR I was trembling... it was cold and I was left on my stretcher alone.

Various people came to talk to me, nurses discussing what was to happen next, my doctors coming to mark my tummy and the anesthesiologist who came and discussed the spinal block. I asked him the most questions, and he reassured me that compared to a epidural, that a spinal was much easier to get. I was skeptical, but trusted him anyways, haha.

Then we went in and I was sat up and was to lean on the nurse... the needle was coming. The freezing was given first and actually it seemed far less painful than I remember, kinda like a bee sting. Then NOTHING! Seriously, I felt nothing, just what felt like finger pokes to my back, but no pain. When he said he was done, I was still floored that no more pain was coming. I was so excited, but I was being swung around and tied down the the table in what felt like seconds. I soon realized why, the spinal was working... FAST. In a matter of minutes, what felt like like pins and needles went to pure numbness. Crazy! Someone threw an oxygen mask on my face and then I started feeling loopy. I can't handle the a/c in our car, pure oxygen was torture. I snorted and tried to not get sick, didn't really want to throw up on the table.

Finally Ken was brought in and I was so happy to see him. He was anxious to see if I was ok, since he knew I had been dreading the needle. I tired telling him I was fine and it was good, but I was so nauseous. Things got going and we heard our doctor say, oh there he is... wow he is big... wow he has some serious hair happening! Then our little boy cried, even before he was lifted out! I felt a sense of oh my goodness he is here and my face hurt from the smile I had. He was lifted up and peeked over the blanket they had up to block things. I didn't get a good look, but I saw him better when they started checking him over.

That is when I saw that hair and was like wow! Ken got to cut the cord, something that he missed out on with Ariel, so I was happy he got to do it this time. They wrapped him up and brought him over to see me. I touched his face, and gave him a little kiss. He was so sweet but I was really starting to feel sick and was out of it. However, it didn't matter, our little Xander was here!

Xander and Dr Salvador

Ken and Xander left to go upstairs and I got to stay and get closed up. Felt like a long time but when I heard the doctor ask for the little strips they put on the incision, I knew it was finally over. I got wheeled to recovery and that started the really bad sickness I had the remainder of the day. I started throwing up, so they gave me some gravol in my IV. It helped and in 2 hours I was well enough to go upstairs. However, the ride up was enough to upset my stomach again and the throwing up started again. I felt terrible! I could barely keep my eyes open. I wanted to focus on Xander, but couldn't.

I kept getting more Gravol but it didn't seem to be working... or it did, but only briefly. I would drink something and in an hour it be back up. Sigh. People came to visit but I really don't remember much. As I look back at the pictures it helps stir the memory but its still kinda blurry. Ken is going to show me the video later, so that will help, haha.

The new family all together! Ariel is making faces at the tv, haha.

Finally in the evening it seemed I was finally turning the corner. I was sitting up and talking, even keeping my eyes open without feeling dizzy. Turns out my doctor had heard the dose they were giving me and said it was far to small and increased it big time, and that did the trick! Woot, I could eat, and I spent most of the night awake (since I slept so much during the day) and eating everything in sight. Thank you everyone who brought muffins and treats to the hospital that day, haha. With finally being able to move and not throw up, the nurses took out my catheter, which was awesome, but remembering how to pee is such a weird feeling. Kinda wonder if that is what it is like for toddlers learning toilet training?

Next morning I got to take my IV out and then I really started to feel like myself again instead of a tied down prisoner. I also had to start taking pain meds as the spinal was pretty much completely out of my system and the incision site was starting to ache. I am still taking stuff every 4 hours, and its helping, although I feel like I can't stand up straight. I got to enjoy Xander more that day and the company that visited.

That evening I was told of the possibility of going home the next day instead of the Saturday. I must say I liked that idea, mainly because I hate sleeping in that uncomfortable hospital bed, and I can't get out of it easily. In fact I tended to stay in the chair more because it was easier, those beds are not made for short people, even with stools for help, blah!

I will say that night was awful, and I remember it being that bad with Ariel as well. My milk wasn't in yet and all Xander wanted was to nurse every 20 minutes. He would fall asleep during nursing but wake up if we tried to put him in his bed. Blah. Eventually Ken had him asleep in his arms and he walked the halls so I could rest, since I was in terrible pain from my surgery.

Sooooooo, this morning when my doctor showed up with released papers and instructions for being at home I nearly cried. I was so excited. I will say I am not allowed to do a lot, no driving for 2 weeks, no lifting anything other than the baby for 6 weeks, no stomach exercises for 6 weeks etc. I let Ken sleep and Xander and I hung out and I took some pictures of him all cute. Hee.

The peds doctor didn't show up till noon, so we had to hang round and watch tv killing time. Dad showed up for a visit which was nice and was able to help us out to the car with our little X-man. Also, my milk started coming in so I was starting to get a tad sore on top now, good grief, haha. However, Xander was pleased and now nursing him is much easier as he is happy and full after wards.

Well, that is pretty much it. At the moment I am on the emotional high of giving birth but super emotional so lots of stupid things are making me cry, or things I forgot to do ( I won't get into it now cuz I am already upset). Anyhoo, going to put my feet up and enjoy Xander sleeping in his bouncy chair at the moment. We look forward to our new life as a family of four, and everything that comes with it. Tomorrow it really starts with Ariel coming home, so I am sure there will be much to say in the coming days, haha.


BethE said...

Congrats, Ken, Jay and Ariel! He is handsome!

Kristin said...

What a little cutie he is, love the hair. ;)
I will be praying for a speedy recovery for you.

Kristen said...

You are superwoman! I can't believe you have updated your blog already! I am so glad Xander is here safe and healthy and so sorry that you were so sick :( that had to be the worse!! Thanks for keeping us updated and I look forward to hearing more!

Tera said...

Congratulations!! He's all of the hair. I'm sorry you had such a rough time with the nausea after birth...feeling like you're in a fog is no fun. I remember the emotional roller coaster being worse after I had baby #2. I'll be thinking about you. Can't wait to see more pictures of Ariel and Xander together when she comes home today!

Mel said...

Huge congratulations Jay, well done! Hoping the early weeks and months are a dream for you all as a family of 4,enjoy it, it goes too quick ;)

kelly ens said...

i'm so glad you posted all the details; i really don't know everything that goes into a c-section, and your story with Xander is definitely proof that getting a c-section is NOT the 'easy way out.' (Not that I think that, i've just heard 'people' say that before).
you are definitely a trooper!!!
he is SO cute - i hope you got to enjoy your one night at home with just Ken and Xander. he is just SO cute, which is no surprise since Ariel is so gorgeous.
i'll be praying for your recovery and that these next few days go better than you expect. i remember well the milk coming in, the soreness of having just given birth, etc. yay - a family of FOUR!!!!

Jill Brochard said...

Loved reading the details! So happy for you guys!

SarahRachel said...

Jay- thanks so much for updating!! It makes me miss having a newborn! Crazy, huh? It sounds like you're doing a great job of adjusting and I can't wait to hear more about how Ariel like Xander. Hope your recovery is quick and easy! Hugs! =)

Brenda said...

Oh man, he is such a handsome little guy! Congratulations again, Jay (and family)! So glad you're home, I hope the transition to being a foursome goes smoothly for you all! Sending more hugs!!

Megan said...

yeah! Fab job, sister! I got goosebumps!!

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