Sunday, August 16, 2009

Weekend Review, Otherwise Known as Killing Time for 10 More Days.

10 days... eek! The fact I am counting on my 2 hands is exciting and scary at the same time. I am trying to keep busy so I don't think too much of the pending surgery, but if I go out, all I hear is 'when are you due' so its hard to escape from unless I hide inside.

Friday as you know was Ariel's official 3rd birthday, and we had a quiet but busy day of celebrating. First off, when I greeted her in the morning I wished her a happy birthday saying 'Guess what?! Your 3 today!!!' Ariel gasped and then looked confused... 'Again?' she replied. Haha, yes, I guess it would be confusing to have a birthday party and think that was the official marking point, but either way, she embraced her new age with smiles.

For lunch we met up with Stella, Kara and Donna at Ricky's restaurant. Ariel was very excited and could barely get words out at times, haha. Then she got some presents, a travel art kit that was loaded with paper, stickers, crayons, pencil crayons and....

....BLUE SCISSORS! If you don't understand the significance, for the past several months, Ariel has been talking about how when she turned 3 she would get blue scissors. Mainly it came from a day when she wanted to play with scissors and I said when you are older... she in turn said 'when I turn 3 I get my own scissors... blue scissors.' Not sure why they had to be blue, but they did. As we got closer to her birthday, trying to suddenly find blue scissors proved to be difficult. Thankfully, Stella found some, we had several people looking haha.

Kara got Ariel a beautiful brown coat, I will get a picture up soon. Ariel was in love with it and wore it home from the restaurant. Kara also got us a cute book about raising boys and Xander a curious george onesie.

Then in the evening we went to Dad and Rita's place for dinner. Ariel, the 3 year old!

Dad had 2 chickens on the rotisserie of his BBQ, yum! While we waited for them to cook, Ariel had a few gifts to open. First was some new pjs from us. Then she got to open her card from Ken's dad. Musical cards are always a hit with her.

Then she opened 2 gifts that were from him as well, some more Mickey Mouse blocks, and a candyland game for pre-schoolers. She was thrilled, and we have played with both several times... the game especially.

After a wonderful dinner, Ariel was excited to see Grandpa had made her a special cake! All day she had asked if it was her birthday if she would get a cake, and I really didn't know. We talked about the possibility of birthday pie, since Dad is an avid pie maker, and thankfully she was up for that idea as well. However, one look at the cake on the table, she gasped and shouted, 'Grandpa made me a CAKE!'

This time, Ariel blew out her candles... maybe because now she was really 3, haha.

The white chocolate icing on the chocolate cake was a HUGE hit, and I am very thankful for the leftovers we got to bring home, yummy.

Daddy and his birthday girl!

Then on Saturday, I was up early and out to the store to get the groceries I needed for the several meals I was planning on making and freezing for after baby comes. I managed to make up lasagna, chicken chow mein, cabbage casserole, baked beans and chicken linguine bake. So now all that remains on my to-do list really is finalizing Ariel's sleeping arrangements while in the hospital (although we are pretty sure we know what is happening) and the finishing touches on Xander's dedication outfit.

That evening, we went out to the night market and opening of the Quilt Walk. We went to see the cupcake quilt up that I entered, and it actually made Ariel mad. She wanted the quilt home, and needless to say we didn't stay out long, lots of tears and grouchy behavior, lovely eh?

Sunday morning we made it to church, which was nice until my hips started getting sore. I can't sit too long, which sucks because I find I can't stand long times either... doesn't leave many options... especially since laying down isn't always an option with a busy girl running around.

After a quick lunch, we walked down to look at the fancy cars and more of the quilts. Ariel was growing tired of everything, so Ken took her home so I could sit and enjoy the cool shade by the quilt store and visit with people. Then I got some exciting news from Stella that I had won something, so I called Ken to come down with Ariel. We went to the main stage and waited... I won a 3rd place ribbon in the Viewer's Choice category. Woot!

Yay! So exciting for our first show, and very special indeed! Ariel kept saying the ribbon was hers, haha, and she marched proudly displaying it held under her chin until she wanted Daddy to put her on his shoulders. Hee.

Me and my winning quilt... gosh I look tired, haha.

Soooo, that wraps up our busy weekend and now we are on to a very busy week. Both Ariel and I have doctor appointments tomorrow and we also get to see my dear friend Dianne and her little Hana as they are picking up some stuff to borrow while they are visiting BC for 2 weeks. Other fun stuff this week is my hair appointment and pedicure and then the shower Megan and I are hosting for Dianne and Hana. Yes, 3 days before I give birth I am helping throw a shower, what can I say? I like living the crazy life, hee. I got the invitations made up and sent out and now I can move ahead with the other things I have left to do. I am sure I'll post updates through out the week, especially once I have pretty hair! Yay!


kelly ens said...

TEN days?! YIPPEEE!!!!!

so cute how confused/excited Ariel was about her birthday :)

love the pictures - congrats on winning 3rd in the viewers choice! :)

Dianne said...

Soooooooooon! (That applies to a few things from your post. I'll let you guess which one I mean. Here's a hint: flying with a baby still scares me!)

Tera said...

Congrats on getting things done on your To Do list! Sounds like Ariel had a wonderful bday! Congrats on your quilt ribbon.

SarahRachel said...

You are SOOO close!! YAY!!! Jackson was the same way about his two birthdays- confused but content! Love Ariel's polka dot outfit and tights! Love your strapless dress! Getting so excited for you!!

Brenda said...

Dang, I've totally lost track of time, I'd better get Xander and Ariel's outfits out to you quick! Bad Brenda.

Congrats on the quilt -it looks fantastic!

Aimee said...

Happy 3rd Birthday Ariel! I love the picture of her enjoying the cake... Kailey has just figured out that every birthday party comes with cake so after church she came running up from Sunday school and started shaking while shouting... its Thomas' birthday (her cousin) today and we are going to a party and there is going to be CAKE!!!!!! Nothing like cake to get that girl excited!

Aimee said...

by the way you are so cute pregnant! I kinda looked like a whale!! :D

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