Sunday, April 05, 2009

Palm Sunday!

Whoa, I forgot we were a week away from Easter! On our way to church, we pass another church and on the sign it says 'Palm Sunday service today', and I was dang, I totally lost track that it was this week. So we zipped home for the camera since Ariel would get to be taking part in the celebration.

Managed to get a few pictures, its always hard when the kids are practically running, haha. Here is before the parade started and is when Ariel had a palm branch and was very excited to get started.

Then someone was offering ribbons to wave as well and lets just say the palm was not that exciting anymore, haha. Here she is with her next 'handlers', haha. All the older girls love helping with her, so she gets passed around a lot.

Then sitting up front waiting for the song to start.

Ariel of course had not been learning the song with the older kids, so when it came time for them to sing, she was more interested in watching them than doing the actions. It was pretty funny to see the girls trying to get her to jump, but she was just taking it all in. Its funny, when she sees the video now, she jumps along. What a nut!

Rest of church was great. We had another musical guest and he, Roy and Dave did a wonderful song together. I was feeling a bit gross at one point and had to go throw some water on my face. I caught a bit of the bug Ariel had, blah. Its nearly gone, but the constant blowing of my nose makes me woozy. I can't seem to win, haha.

After church we had lunch and decided we had to finally go and take the pictures for our Easter cards since we were really running out of time. I wanted to do them outside this year, and after a week of bad weather, today was finally nice enough for Ariel to wear her dress out (plus she was well enough to do so too). We got a great shot and I will post it next Sunday, although I admit I had to photoshop it a bit to get the best end result since the subjects weren't close enough... that is all I shall leave you with to guess what I mean. Hee.

Going back in time to Friday, we missed coffee party due to both of us being sick, boo! Stella was nice enough to bring a doggy bag of goodies, but my tummy hasn't been that eager to eat them, so I think Ken lucked out this time. The rest of the day Ariel and I rested. I fought 2 straight days of migraines, and let me say, its not fun. I finally realized I had a sinus blockage or something. Chewing seemed to help keep it away, so I tried to eat small snacks all day, or chew gum. Still waking up with them, hoping tomorrow is a new day.

On Saturday we had breakfast with Dad, Rita and Katie who was visiting. It was a beautiful day and we went out for a walk on the paths near their home. Ariel was doing well until she tried to run and got into a coughing fit, poor thing. So back into the buggy for her, and things were great. Did managed to get a cute shot of her all bundled up.

Katie and Ariel had a fun playtime together. At one point Katie was tracing Ariel on a large sheet of paper. The look on her face just cracks me up, lol!

That evening I made 2 pans of meatloaf, on suggestion from my Dad when I asked what I should make Ken for dinner. Must be a man's dream meal because Ken was really excited when he heard. Haha. Its my mom's old recipe, and so yummy and moist, I hate dry meatloaf. Needless to say we ate it all weekend, and there was much rejoicing.

Well, Ariel fell asleep at 730pm tonight, after a long busy day. So Ken's been working on animation and I have been resting and bathing my sore leg/butt. I am not sure what I did, but I have a very sore, deep pain when I walk. It comes and goes and frankly I hope it goes soon! I hate it. Very uncomfortable, blah. In positive news, I feel my little baby more and more these days. Looking forward to seeing the first glimpse this Tuesday and then in 2 weeks we find out the sex! Eek! So get those votes in. Ok, I am off to bed, good night!


Karen said...

Cute photos! You don't think the pain in your leg could be a blood clot, do you? You may want to get it checked out, just in case. Hope you feel better soon.

Michelle said...

Love the pictures :) And I wonder if i'ts sciatic?? I had that around the 5 month mark..

SarahRachel said...

Ariel is so cute and brave up at church!
I'm sorry everyone had the yucks! You know, I had several migraines this pregnancy and I almost never get them. I wonder if that had anything to do with it!
Those first baby movements are so great! However, now baby Chase is constantly up in my ribs kicking and that's NOT so great! =)

Katrina said...

Is the pain in your leg/butt shooting pain? I had sciatica (and also achy pain that I think was also related to the sciatica) right from the first trimester. I finally went to a chiropractor (one that specializes in pregnancy) and now I'm kicking myself that I didn't go much sooner. At least the imaginary kicking of myself is much less painful than the sciatica was!

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