Monday, April 20, 2009

Countdown is on!!!

Today was mostly one of distraction, haha. Yes, tomorrow is the big ultrasound to find out if we gain a son or daughter this summer. Eek! More on that later, first off, here is the ballet report. Whee!

This morning when Ariel woke up I told her she got to start dance class again today, her response 'I go to ballet?!' Her smile practically leaping off her face. Oh it doesn't take much to make her happy. Ariel raced to her room and pulled out her gear and started dressing. Ate a quick breakfast and walked to class. When we arrived it was still a tad early, so Ariel watched through the glass door at the other kids and kept whispering, 'when is my turn?' Awwww.

We went in finally and got her into her tutu and shoes. Miss Nicole started class and as she tiptoed over, she gave a final grin to me that I captured. Oh it melts my heart how happy she is here. Dance glory!

It was the parent participation class, but Ariel sure didn't need me (except when she had to go potty). She danced, twirled, listened and did so well. I am one proud Momma.

I have a feeling Mondays are going to be our favorite day around here again. Haha.

After class we walked to the bakery for a cookie, and while she snacked, I went to the Telus store to look at new phones. We were up on our 3 year contract and were in serious need of new phones since ours were practically falling apart. The girl who helped us turned out worked in daycare for several years, so she was a total sweetie to Ariel. She even let her play behind the counter and with all the display phones. Ariel was in her GLORY! She would try them all out and then she even helped me pick a new one. Yay!

Here it is, all pink and cute! I had red last time, so this is a nice change. The best part is has a lock so if Ariel happens to pick it up to play with, she can't dial anyone. Woot! Has a texting keypad, even though I don't text, but it does make it easier for me to use the planner built in since I totally need help with keeping my schedules straight.

Ken got a simple grey phone, similar to his last one. Why mess with what he knows and likes right? Haha. We came home and had some lunch and later made our onion rings... yes Mommy had a craving. In the first time ever, Ariel decided to try stuffing something up her nose! Hello! Where did that behavior come from? She comes to me and says, 'its up my nose.' I was like, what is, but tilting her head I saw something was in fact up there. As I dragged her up the stairs to get the flashlight to see how far back it was, she started sniffing and then proclaimed 'its out!' A chunk of onion, lovely. Ugh. I told her not to try that again so we would have to go to the doctor and have them take it out.

Now I am just waiting for Ken to get home. So I figured I'd post some fun gender predictors since we will find out tomorrow. I know they are wives tales (and all have been proved with science not to be fact), but its a good way to kill time until we find out right. Plus we can see which ones seemed somewhat right and keep us all guessing.

Lets start with every one's fav, the Chinese Gender Calendar. There are 2 different ones floating around on the net.

This one is the lunar version and it says - BOY (when I tested it with Ariel it said boy too, so wrong on her)
This one on the Bump website says - GIRL (this one was correct with Ariel as well)

Heart rate, they say around 140 is a boy, over 150 is a girl- Baby is around 160 every time we listen so it would mean GIRL (Ariel was always 150-160 too)

Carrying high its a girl, low its a boy- from looking at others pictures, my bump seems to be higher, in the same area as Ariel was, so I guess GIRL again.

This one is a fav, is your hubby gaining weight with you, if yes a girl, if not a boy- Haha, Ken has put on weight, so GIRL again, but this is only because he eats what I end up eating, so I hold no truth to that. I crave junk with my pregnancies so its not a surprise he gained a few pounds.

Add the mom's age at conception and the year of conception, if both are even or both odd its a girl, if different then a boy- I was 29 and it was still 2008 so BOY

However, another one said if you add the age and the month of conception together, if its odd a girl, even a boy- so GIRL

Bad morning sickness early in pregnancy means girl, none means boy- Well that one is majorly GIRL (same with Ariel) however I hear lots of people say that they weren't sick with their girls, only their boys. So again, no proof. Haha.

You are craving protein, meats and cheese then its a boy- well I love that stuff, so BOY

But then on the other hand they say you are craving fruit its a girl- that is also a major part of my diet these days so GIRL

Someone posted here saying the hairline of your child can determine the baby's gender. If its straight along the back then it will be the same gender you have, if its a point, then it will be the opposite of what you have. - ok, Ariel is kinda a mix, but after looking at the pictures on her website, she is more of a straight hairline which means GIRL again.

If you have headaches then it means a boy- I had lots of headaches for maybe a week or two, is that enough, I haven't had them since... I'll say BOY

Your belly is basketball shaped, a boy, watermelon shaped, a girl- hmm, don't some watermelons look like basketballs? I guess they mean the oval ones. I am no means a tiny basketball tummy like I see some girls are, but I am not oval either, so I'll say BOY since its more round

The wedding ring test, if it goes in circles its a girl, back and forth a boy- this one is a GIRL (same with Ariel too) but then on other websites they say the opposite, circle means boy, back and forth means girl. So then it could be BOY again, haha.

Ask a 5 year old, kids tend to guess right - I remember asking my Sunday school class with Ariel, and they said mainly boy, but they were all copying each other, so I don't think I got a real answer. I didn't ask a 5 year old this time, but I asked Ariel who is almost 3. She said boy but then said no its a girl... yeah a girl... then said it was red. So that I chalk up as dud, haha.

Finally, what do your friends think, well the votes on here are favoring GIRL, but more people I see here locally think BOY. Good grief, no help at all, haha.

Well, its pretty even in my books, so its any one's guess really. We are going in during the morning to find out (if baby co-operates of course) and should post the results in the afternoon once we notify the family. Expect a little video of Ariel sharing the results, since she is of course the big sister. Pink or blue.... time will tell!


Amy said...

Ariel looks cute in her pink! Can't wait to hear tomorrow if the new little one will be pink or blue!

Kristin said...

That was fun to read all the old wives tales. I bet you are totally excited that you only have one more sleep left to wait. I hope your new wee one co-operates for you. :)

Looking forward to tomorrow post.

Oh and I think I guess girl on your poll. :)

Kim said...

The old wives' tales were fun! It's amazing how many different ways there are to "predict" whether you're having a boy or girl!

Cute new phone, by the way!

Kristen said...

Oh I can't wait to find out! The Chinese Prediction was right with both of mine..but it has 50% success rate lol! Ella told me I was having a boy all along and was right! Either way a healty baby is a blessing! Good luck!

kelly ens said...

i can't WAIT to hear if it's a girl or boy - and i totally don't remember what I guessed! I think i voted girl in your poll...?

seriously - ariel in dance is just the cutest thing EVER. :)

Tera said...

Yeah! Can't wait to hear what this little baby is!! I also hope you get all good news with the US today.

Brenda said...

Ack - I bet you know already! How exciting, I have to remember to check back in a few hours.

I'm totally loving Ariel's dance pics. Mallory, unfortunately, is not loving dance class - I'm bummed.

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