Thursday, April 02, 2009

Rain and Colds

Well the past few days have been a blur, as they usually are during this week. Thank you all for your kind words both here and facebook, they mean a lot.

Lots has been happening, so I am going to go back to Tuesday to catch you all up. That morning Ken woke up with a nasty backache and overall gross feeling. He decided to take a sick day and stay home to rest. Worked out well, since Ariel and I were going to my doctor's appointment in Richmond with Stella. We picked her up and arrived right on schedule at 1030am... however, they weren't so much on time... it was 2 HOURS till I got in to see the doctor. Ugh.

During the wait, Ariel was fantastic, I was so proud of her, and thankful for Stella's help being there to mind her. They went and got me a snack which was nice when I was nearly ready to pass out. Finally I got in to the office and my doctor tells me a 3rd year medical student would be helping her out today. Ok, seems fine by me.... until I remember I needed to have a pap done. Ugh. So she does my blood pressure, it was perfect (amazing since I was really nervous now at that point, haha) We listened to baby's heartbeat, which was thumping away at 160. I never get tired hearing it, hee.

Then came the dreaded pap, and let me say this, I am all about doctors needing to learn to do these things, but pregnant woman are sensitive enough without constant prodding down south. After 3 failed attempts and me wincing, my doctor stepped in. Thank heavens!!! I was pretty sore afterwards, and my doctor was sorry for that. I smiled holding back tears, it really hurt. I just wanted to get out of there, it had been too long of a morning. After wards things were fun, off to have lunch at the mall and pick up my Fleetwood Mac tickets, woot! I have them in my hand, oh so pretty!

That evening I was starting to feel really sore again, and took a bath to try and relax. Sadly, it didn't help much so I just went to bed and thankfully in the morning things seemed to be better. One thing that helped me smile was my goofy girl in her new Olympic shirt from Nana. She loves the Quachi pictures all over it.

Next morning Ken was still under the weather and took another day to rest. However, I had Chels coming to clean the house, so when Ariel and I left for the cemetery, Ken joined us, which I must say was really nice. Picked up Stella and met Nana, Papa and Aunty Penny and Uncle Bill there. Penny and Bill were on their way to Mexico, and were kind enough to join us. We left some white roses that Ariel placed, although it was tricky this time since she asked where Grandma was... never easy. I know it will come with time, but its hard knowing she isn't going to know her, but only through pictures and video.

After staying just a few minutes, the cold and rain were too much and we got back in the car and went to lunch. Kara joined us for lunch which was nice, so we had a long table and it was very nice to visit and get warm again. We said our goodbyes and I got Ken home to rest. His back was still causing him a great deal of pain, still not sure if its a bug or if he pulled something. My poor boy.

While Ken rested, Ariel helped me make some soup for our play date the next day. We made a chicken and rice soup recipe I found on the Pioneer Woman's page. I love her stuff, so yummy! Ariel was starting to cough more and I was wondering if maybe she was getting sick, ugh.

My pretty spring flowers from Stella, thank you!

That evening, Ariel had a rough night. She was up on and off from 2am with coughing fits that made her cry, and then a fever. I cuddled her in bed so she would sleep, but every so often she would look to me and ask for water. So it was a rough night for us.

In the morning Ken headed back to work and that made Ariel that much more upset. She cried for him as I called around canceling our playdate and lunch with our friends. Poopy. Oh well, we will try again. I needed to go out and do a few errands, so thankfully Stella came by to watch princess so I could run out without having to drag Ariel along. When I got home Ariel was asleep on Stella's lap, my sweetie, I wish I could make her feel better sooner.

I brought some movies from the library for Ariel, so while she watched them, I did some baking. I made some of Nana's famous scones to go with the soup I made yesterday, which was for the playdate but is dinner now, haha.

Then I tried a recipe I found online here and made chocolate hot cross buns! Oh, these are worth making, soooooooo good!

Well tonight is the big ER sendoff. I can't believe I have watched that show for 15 years! It started when I was in grade 9! Yikes, and I wonder what will happen to my Thursday nights... I guess time will tell.


Kristin said...

Your doctors visit sounds awful, and then a sick hubby and little girl.
:( I sure hope you manage to not get what they both had!

Jeremy & Erin said...

I'm sorry about your Dr.'s appt. I can't believe you had to wait 2hours with Ariel!! Also, I agree, no practice exams on pregnant women. We have enough to deal with, much less extra unnecessary discomfort!! :-) I hope Ariel feels better soon and that you don't catch it. We'll have to try to get together again soon.


Jill Brochard said...

Sorry you had a rough dr's visit. Hope you are all feel better by now.

kelly ens said...

echoing all the comments about the dr's appointment - YIKES!!!! i think i skipped mine when pregnant with was supposed to be a month before he was due and i figured there was enough impending pain and prodding, so i told them i'd wait...still haven't gone back - oops!
i hope Ariel is feeling better!

Brenda said...

What a terrible doctor visit - glad you at least got to listen to little bean! Hope Ariel and Ken are feeling 100% soon.

So...inquiring minds want to know if you'll share your recipe for chocolate hot cross buns!

Jay said...

Thanks everyone!

Brenda, I posted the link in my post for the recipe, since I knew someone was bound to ask :) Its above the picture of them on the word 'here' when you click it takes you to the site where I got it. :) Enjoy

Rebecca R said...

Sorry Ariel's been so poorly - let's hope you escape the bug! (We've had a similar bug here, but so far only Lucy has had it!)
All my 3 have grown up with out G'ma's - we call them Angel G'ma's, and I have to say the boys have never questioned it - it'll be interesting to see if Lucy does!
I will put money on that you are having another little princess - a heartbeat of 160!! (I know it's an old wives tale, but it worked for both my pregnancies!!) I can't wait for your post!!!

Anna said...

oh, that website could get me into trouble. everything looks delicious!

Hopefully everyone is feeling better at your house now!

SarahRachel said...

Jay- I've so missed your blog!! I'm sorry it was a rough couple of days! Ariel looks SO grown up and beautiful! Her hair is so cute! Boo for paps! They are definitely a necessary EVIL! Are ya'll finding out the sex of the baby? When can you? This all might be in your old blogs so I'm going to go read! =) My new blog entries are at:

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