Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Oh Baby and Oh No!

Thanks for the concerns about my pain in my leg and butt. I think I figured it out, as it is now gone!!! Yay! I had been wearing my boots that were really cheap with little support (that of which was practically non-existent now) and when I did, that is when the pain seemed to show up. The next time I went out, I wore my sneakers, no issues, then my berks, again no issue. Soooooo, I am not sure why I didn't think of it earlier, since I have bad feet in general. This is something I use to struggle with for years, cheap shoes and pain. Hence why I have been wearing berks so long, they are great and my feet love them. Yay. With the sudden change to good weather, I plan on throwing the boots out, they aren't worth it, plus they leak now. Blah.

Also, Ariel and I are still on the mend. Still hacking and coughing, oh so lovely. My migraines are gone, but the cough and terrible sounding voice have replaced it. I was greeted with a 'hello sir' tonight when I answered the phone, gack! Hoping we are all better by the weekend, as this is getting REALLY old.

Now the fun news, we had our first ultrasound today! Yay! No gender peaking yet, they won't tell you anyways, so silly but true. We have 2 more weeks to wait, and after seeing just the first glimpse of him/her on the screen, I know the wait is going to seem that much longer. Baby, and I mean just ONE baby, thank heavens no surprises there, haha, was a wiggle worm much like Ariel was, making the tech really have to work. I won't be surprised if we have to go back to get more pictures, since she did say some might not be clear enough for the doctor's liking, but we shall see.

Without further waiting, please meet our second baby, lovingly called by daddy as 'bump', haha.

We think just from the profile that this baby looks more like me, where as Ariel was a splitting image of Ken. Looking forward to the 3D one to see more details like facial features. Whee!

When Ken, Stella and Ariel were finally allowed in to see baby, it was very exciting. Ariel was in awe of the baby, and asked where it's house was? Haha. Baby even seemed to wave to her at one point, as it had its arm over its head resting, much like I do. Haha. Ariel always had her feet crossed like me when I relax, so its fun to see the little differences.

We celebrated with some ice cream from Dairy Queen on the way home, after a quick detour to drop something off for Kara. Ken commented that this time he feels more at ease, like he knows what to expect. With Ariel it was all new and somewhat stressful and he was always nervous. I think I will always have some nervousness, since I am carrying a person inside. Either way, we are very thankful for the God's hand over us during this process. Oh, and we saw an eagle after the appointment too. Hee.

Now on to the not so fun news. Ariel is determined to give me more gray hair before I turn 30 in a few short weeks. The past few days while I have been really sick, she has found several ways to keep her self entertained, that had me shaking my head. First it started with her finding my new cross stitch beads I ordered to finished my Easter project. I had them up high, thinking she would not even acknowledge them, haha - my bad! She opened them up on the stairs, and I spent a good 30 minutes on my hands and knees searching for them. I found enough to finish my project, but the carpet kinda sparkles a bit when the light hits them. Guess the vacuum gets to eat them. Blah

Then came the iron! Yes, the iron. Ariel had seen me earlier in the day iron her skirt, so last night she got the iron from the storage room, plugged it in and had pulled a skirt and top out from her drawer to iron!!! Thank heavens we realized what she was doing before anything bad happened. She is just so quick and smart, that I think I will have to really watch her that much more closely. It doesn't help that I am sick and not on my 'A' game either. I think she knows it too. Blah x 2

Finally, (yes there is more) this morning we had in my opinion the worse one yet. Yesterday afternoon we painted our toes for Easter, since I couldn't get a pedicure before then. I had bought a bright pink to match my dress and painted our toes. Ariel was thrilled and showed anyone that would listen. That night she scuffed one and the polish came off. I told her in the morning I would fix it. Well, today as I got ready, she was still in her pjs watching some cartoons. I would check every few minutes and she was a lump on the couch like usual. The last time I checked, I nearly fainted.... I saw an empty nail polish bottle laying on our COUCH! I don't think my feet touched the stairs as I dashed down. There sat Ariel, with a look as if to say 'whats wrong'. My mouth dropped as I saw the clear polish bottle empty and several pools on the couch. Then I saw a few spots of pink, but the bottle was empty... where was the rest... oh ARIEL!!! She had painted her foot pink... not to mention her pjs.

I scooped her up and got to work cleaning. I had to use the polish remover on her to get it all off, and all she kept saying was she was trying to fix her one toe. Sigh... The couch I somewhat managed to clean, but I ended up flipping the cushion over, so we only have one side left, haha. The pjs were lost, and into the trash they went, thankfully she was wearing really old grungy ones since I haven't unloaded her laundry basket in her room yet.

I told Ken what happened and he said just to throw all my polish away, that it be cheaper to go to get my nails done than replace furniture, haha. So that ends the past few days of excitement and acts of destruction by a two and a half year old. Blah x 3.

However, as bad as she can be, she is still a sweetie, and I had to end with this video her her doing the jumping song that she didn't do at church. Haha. Enjoy and good night!


SarahRachel said...

YAY!!! Ultrasounds are the best!! Isn't it going to be fascinating to see whether the second resembles you or Ken!? I'm so excited to see if we have another Jackson or one who looks totally different. That's TOO cute about Ariel asking "where is it's house?"
GOOD GRIEF on the Ariel incidents! She is definitely keeping you on your toes!! Jackson got into my mascara a few months ago and painted his Ralph Lauren sweater with it, got some on the rug, and some on the couch. I felt the same way when I wasn't feeling well. How can you keep up with a toddler when you can barely keep up with yourself!? It got a lot better for me though and hopefully it will for you too soon!! Hugs! =)

Dianne said...

Ah, she is cute stuff, pink foot and all :)

Amy said...

WHEW!! Ariel and little B could be just 2 peas in a pod- TROUBLE MAKERS!!!

Tera said...

Oh man, my girls have gotten into the nail polish several times, but somehow they usually keep it on themselves. I would be sick if it landed on my couch or carpet!
Can't wait to hear what #2 is!!

Jill Brochard said...

Yeah for the good u/s -- what amazing memories!
Ariel is really getting into things -- she must know you don't feel well and whants to remind you to stay on your toes!

Kristin said...

oh my she is keeping you busy! With lots of clean up!!
Thankfully she has not been hurt.

Katrina said...

YIKES! At least you know she is REALLY smart to have figured all that stuff out on her own!

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