Monday, April 13, 2009

Still Alive!

Hey everyone! Hope you had a wonderful Easter weekend. Ours is still going today as Ken has today off from work too, woot! At the moment he is still asleep and Ariel has just popped out of bed and is going potty. So things will be rolling soon enough. Sorry for the lack of posts this week. Its been a crazy week of continued hacking and sneezing. Ariel and I seemed to take another dip on the way to recovery. Every time I thought we were getting better, one of us would have a terrible night. The worse one for me was up at 3am being sick in the bathroom, ugh. Not fun.

Friday we headed to the Good Friday service in the beautiful sun. It was a gorgeous day. Other than church that morning, we didn't do anything else. Ken did some work on projects and Ariel and I hung out, hacking. Lovely.

Saturday morning Ken only had an afternoon class to teach so we got up early and went to Ikea to pick out a new desk for our computer that would be moving downstairs. Of course we had to have the $1 breakfast, Ariel enjoyed her fruit filled pancakes. Yum.

We found the desk right away after we ate, since I had been looking online for sometime. We paid and scheduled it to be delivered on Sunday, which shocked me that they would do it on Easter Sunday. Either way, it was perfect as Monday we could move the computer and then the youth would come and take the old desk to the garage sale. I love it when a plan comes together. (Insert cheesy A-Team music here).

Ken left for work and us girls didn't do much. I was zonked and Ariel just watched all the Easter cartoons on Treehouse. That evening while Ken and Ariel played, I was watching the first half of the season finale of Project Runway Canada (love it!) When it was over, I was watching the channel that tells you whats on I saw something new and froze.... I typed in the number and *poof* there it was! THE FOOD CHANNEL! I eeked and Ken came running, only to roll his eyes, haha. I had been joking for months that all I wanted for my 30th birthday (which is in a 3 weeks) was the food channel. It had only been available through our cable provider if you had digital. Well, we only had basic and one extra package, I had cancelled everything else since we didn't use them, a waste of money really. I couldn't justify getting digital either at this point, I really didn't care and it would raise the cost. Blah. Well apparently they did some rearranging and added several new channels to the basic line up... including FOOD! I kept telling everyone I got my birthday wish, such a dork I know.... but I am in my glory. Happy Birthday to me! Haha.

Saturday night Ariel pretty much coughed the whole night, it was terrible. She never woke up, but it kept us up, so the early morning wake up call for Easter breakfast with the family was a little rough for us. However, we got all pretty and went out with smiles on our faces into the dumping rain, haha. It was wonderful to see everyone, and even Uncle Bill and Aunt Penny who were passing through on their way home from Mexico.

The marshmallow tree they had, I may need to try this next year, as Ariel was taken with it. Hee.

After visiting and stuffing our tummies, oh it was so good, we headed off to church. Ariel was holding her own pretty well at this point, but the lack of sleep the night before was taking its toll of me. I found myself struggling to stay wake, which I hate feeling like at church, Easter morning especially! Everything was so pretty and blooming.

Ariel and Mommy!

Up at the front there was a beautiful vase. On Good Friday, we had all left a 'broken piece' up at the cross representing us and what we were giving to God to take away so we wouldn't be burdened with it. On Easter morning, the pieces had been made into a vase, symbolizing how brokenness leads to new life through Christ. Wow, very powerful and such a visual symbol to everyone.

The kids then got to go up and place flowers in the vase...

... Ariel on her way back from placing her flowers. My big girl!

Pretty vase!

We stayed until it was almost noon, but left before the service was over, which kinda sucked. We had a delivery coming between 12-5 and had no clue when it would be coming. Plus I was nearly out of it and needed to rest. We came home and shortly after wards we had a buzz at our door with Anna bringing us some paska! Oh what a wonderful blessing, I didn't have energy to make any this year and thought we would miss out. That loaf was our lunch and was pretty much gone by the end of the day.

Shortly following our little lunch, I fell asleep on the couch... and I have no clue how long I was out but it was MUCH NEEDED. I woke up a little disorientated, but after a snack felt good. Ariel had a nice long nap too, so the sickies were catching up on rest big time.

During my nap the desk was delivered in its big box of pieces. Woot. The moment I was strong enough, I got to work putting it together. Ariel my little tool girl, helped until I had to call Ken to take her since she was starting to get in the way. It didn't take long to build, but would have been even easier had I not had a baby belly in the way, haha. Ariel came down when it was finished and was 'oh Mommy, its beautiful!' Haha, she is such a sweet thing.

Well, Ken is up and made us some pancakes, so I am going to have some breakfast... and maybe catch the cake competition on tv. Hee.


Juie Y said...

You are hilarious... I am sure the cable big wigs changed around the stations especially for your birthday!

Jay said...

They totally did! That is my story and I am sticking to it. Haha.

kelly ens said...

ok, who's your tv provider??? because i woudl LOOOOOOOVE to have the food network too, without having to buy another package. that is SOOOOO cool!

so...they didn't do the flowers in the cross again, hey? too bad - that was always my favorite. but that vase is pretty cool, i have to say!

Dianne said...

YOU"VE GOT THE FOOD CHANNEL NOW??? Oh I am sooooo jealous!! Unless we have magically received it too. Then I will share your joy, haha.

Mmmmmm... paska. Ours had the pretty, pretty sprinkles too. :)

Jay said...

We get our cable from Delta Cable. They recently changed, not sure if its the same owners, but now they have 'eastlink company' in their name. I remember because we were given new account info and had to change it in our online banking because of the change. Either way, its added several changes in channels etc. The best one being the Food channel in the basic section, SCORE!

Yeah Kelly, they didn't do the flowers in the cross again. I was kinda bummed, but then I know the worship committee are trying to do something orginial and meaningful every year. I really like how they are trying to find visual symbols, so the vase was very cool... but I miss the old traditions too.

Tera said...

Ariel's dress was really pretty. I'm sorry to hear you and Ariel are still battling the sickies; hopefully you're feeling better today!

Kristen said...

You all looked so pretty in your Easter dresses. I am so sorry you have been sick. Hope everyone is 100% soon!

Jill Brochard said...

Sorry the sickies keep on hitting you! You look beautiful just the same!
You are lucky they rearranged your cabale in your favor -- about a year ago they rearranged ours and I lost my favorite channel (BBC Prime -- in English) I was so upset!

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