Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Crazy Cake Lady

Today the Thomas the tank engine cake got picked up. I was sad to see it go, we had some good times together, haha, like staying up till 2am working on it. In my defense I couldn't do it with the kids awake since Ariel would want to help and Xander would want his train back and I needed it as my model. By the time I finished cleaning up the kitchen it was that awful hour and it took awhile for me to finally fall asleep. I seem to recall waking at 4am and thinking, hmm need to get up soon.

I was super happy how this turned out. It took longer in mixing up all the colors of fondant I needed to use, which is probably what took most of my time. The actual building of the trains was actually easy. I look forward to making another one of these one day, if Xander has anything to say about it he will have one for himself. Haha.

Tonight I was filling in forms, as it is the big day on Tuesday. I have to submit our request for the school we want Ariel to go to for Kindergarten. Chances are I am over worrying about getting her in, but the part of me that stresses (over 80% haha) is. I was rambling on to Ken about what if we don't get in, what do we do etc. He was all calm as usual about it, so I just need to go early to get the form in as they are done by time stamp and first come first serve. I will still need to register her at her catchment school later this month, and hopefully we will hear good news before the summer that we got in to our choice school. Pray it goes the way we hope it will... or I might have to go begging and baking a bribe cake, lol.

Friday night I had my book club ladies over as I was hosting. It was a HOOT to say the least and Ken said all he heard was cackling which made him totally think we were all batty. I am so happy to be in a group with such a lively and fun bunch of ladies.

This coming weekend my sweet hubby celebrates his 36th birthday. We have babysitting set and we are going out to the theater to see Avenue Q!!! I am so excited as is he, since we would have loved to have seen this back when in New York when we were there in the summer. Then we have a dinner date with friends after the show. Woohoo! We will do the family dessert night later in the month, but for now we are excited to enjoy some time out together without the kids.

Soooooooooo I will keep you posted on how the week goes... another cake order this week, this time for Ariel's friend's birthday party, so that will be special. Also, we enter February... crazy!

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