Friday, January 14, 2011

The One With Puke

Wow, I didn't blog at all this week, oh well. I am sitting here watching The Social Network with Ken while Xander plays with his cars. Ariel is fast to sleep already, busy day with school and a McDonalds date with Grandpa, fun times!

This week has been a blur of illness again... yes again. On Monday night around dinner time when Ken got home from work Xander puked... and then did it again... and again... and again. It was so strange though because between pukes, he didn't act sick at all, he was playing, smiling and laughing... then stops pukes and moves on. He had no fever and frankly it was somewhat disturbing and we started wondering if he swallowed something. After calling the nurse line and hearing that if he got down to bile that we should take him in to the ER. It got to that point so off I went.

We arrived at our local hospital to no wait, thank heavens. We saw the doctor on call and he too was puzzled with Xander's well behavior but still puking (yes he was still going). He called Richmond hospital, then came back and told me to take him to see the on call peds doctor and that she was expecting us. He was concerned since it didn't act like a normal virus and might be an issue with the intestine. So called my Dad to go watch Ariel who was already in bed at this point so Ken could come with me to the hospital.

Took almost 2 hours to finally get through the stages to see the doctor who was expecting us, sigh. Oh well... but when we were finally getting seen I started to feel strange.... yep, I started tossing my cookies too. Gosh that was embarrassing, but yet it was an answer to prayer because it confirmed Xander was sick with most likely a bug as I had it within hours of him and it was not anything worse. Still we were baffled by his lack of 'acting sick' but whatever, rather have a happy sick boy than a sad one.

They gave him some pedialyte, and a little dis-solvable thing to help him go to sleep. They hoped that would keep him from puking anymore and that it would get him to pee since he hadn't in hours. Sure enough he was out by the time we walked in the door and he slept soundly through the night and didn't puke again... me, that was another story. Every hour I was up sick... I would wake up from a dead sleep and bolt to the bathroom. Sigh... made for a rough morning wake up call from Ariel who reminded me of her ballet class, crap.

Ariel got dressed herself while I called Stella to ask if she could take Ariel to class. Thankfully she could so Xander and I got to sleep more. Ariel came home and was eager to tell me about class and Xander finally woke up bouncing up and down like he never had been puking the night before. I however was feeling terrible. So the kids played in our room while I laid there like a lump...

Next morning I managed to drag myself out of bed to get Ariel to school. My body was aching and sore and when I hopped on the scale I dropped 8lb. Gack! Xander seemed to act slightly clingy that day, perhaps he was sore too, it just hurt to walk, sit etc. However it had snowed and I wasn't going to drive in it and decided walking would be easier... maybe for a person not getting over such a nasty bug but oh well. Ariel was a so cute and it helped make the painful walk fun.

She loves snow, she was giddy all the way to school.

Thursday was a more enjoyable day, packed up the kids and went to the mall for some walking in warmth and non slushy sidewalks. I wanted to get some yoga pants that were on sale at Old Navy and had my gymbucks to spend and Xander was in desperate need of socks. We ended up staying for several hours walking, laughing and having a small lunch treat of tacos, Ariel's lunch of choice when we go to the mall. We even got to see my friend Ann and see her new fancy engagement ring. Can't wait for her wedding this spring, yay!

That afternoon I had gotten an email from a friend from church asking if I could bring my camera and lend my skills over at her place for some photos as they were doing a shoot for the company Jolica, which is a fair trade company that sells jewelry. I didn't really know what I was walking into but I ended up taking photos along with another lady that will be used for the new catalog. It was stressful at times due to lighting, wall color and just space to move around in since the shots had to be staged like one of their jewelry home show parties. However I was having a blast and hope they like the shots I got. I got to organize lots of ladies, pose them with the product and basically stage situations... whee! Not only did I gain such experience and photos to have for my portfolio, I got to help out an awesome organization and got a sweet little shopping spree of the catalog for my work, woot!

Well, Xander has fallen asleep during the course of writing this but has woken up in tears, that last molar is fighting its way through and its been rough. Looking forward to the weekend, as its the calm before the upcoming cake storm! Lots of orders coming up and stuff happening to keep us all busy. Hope the sick bugs are all behind us now.

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kelly ens said...

Sorry about all the puking. but EIGHT pounds??? i could handle being sick to have that happen to me :)
looking forward to seeing those pictures!

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