Friday, January 07, 2011

The One Where I Conform...Ha!

Well, the day finally came... after years of doing something against the grain of society, I finally conformed... the toilet paper is now coming over the front rather than behind. Yes I am one of those freaks that always did it the other way. I honestly have no reason why, I seem to recall it was like that in our downstairs bathroom growing up because it kept the roll from falling off. Either way, it messed my way of thinking and I actually -gasp- preferred it that way. Then today, I put on a new roll and did it the 'normal' way. I stared at it ... meh. So there, if you come to my house, I have entered the world of adulthood.

So today was another full day of Ken being home. He isn't feeling great, sore throat etc. I have told the other members of the family they are not allowed to get it. I think though it was brought on by too many late nights in trying to finish his animation on deadline. It did confused the kids a bit since they just got use to him back at work. Oh well.

Yesterday was a nasty day of rain rain rain. We stayed in and I made good headway on a sewing project I was asked to do by a friend. I need to finish and have it in the mail asap so I hope to finish tonight. I also got a call from sisters, they are both getting married this summer and both need wedding cakes! So I will be meeting with them next week sometime for a consultation. Thankfully one is in May the other in July. Crazy stuff!

Today was a big occasion in the house, as young Xander had his first FULL ON hair cut. He has had trims by me, his bangs snipped by a pro but nothing major. So I took him in this morning to my stylist since he needed to see someone who knew what they were doing since he has 'adult hair'. I brought the mini dvd player and that was perfect to keep his attention and head still. Sooo here is the before...

...and the after! Yes, still lots of hair, but thinned out quite a bit, much like what we have to do with Ken's hair. Its hard not seeing that mop of hair, but its growing on me. I know its lighter for him and we didn't want him mistaken for a girl so it was time.

Lots of fun mail today, we got some belated Christmas gifts. First the kids and I got our gifts from Uncle Dan and then Ariel got her gift from friend Kailey. So it was fun to get to open more goodies and Ariel was thrilled. I got a super cute bento lunch making book from Dan, awesome! Can't wait to try some of the recipes out. Hee. Kailey gave Ariel some cute jammies (which she wore to bed), a fun fairy cookbook, Tangled cup and a Rapunzel doll (which also went to bed with her). She was pretty excited to get a lovely gift from her friend! Mail is fun!

Some of the other mail fell more into the interesting pile, got a notice today from Ariel's swim lessons that she got a class credit. This is what it said on it...

Account adjustment, one class credit for Sea Turtle due to class disruption because of very large group and a vomit in the pool.

EWE! I figured that day something happened in the pool since it was taped off, but did they need to tell me it was vomit? Yuck!

Then this afternoon the delivery man came by with our boxing day purchase (finally - that free shipping is darn slow!) It was the new dance games for our Wii and Ariel was very excited... and surprisingly so was Xander. Mommy will admit they are fun, and will be a good workout in the morning (they have a 'sweat' level for workouts, yay). So I took some video of them playing, although Ariel wasn't too pleased since she wasn't 'good' yet, a little perfectionist indeed. I managed to convince her she was just learning so it was ok, haha. Xander's dancing cracks me up.

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kelly ens said...

welcome to the world of the PROPER toilet paper roll placement ;)
xander's hair cut looks great!
hmm...vomit in the pool. a case of TMI, people! yuck.
cute dancing video :)

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