Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Killing Time

I am waiting till Parenthood starts, so I figure I blog since Ken is animating (yes again, another last minute shot for another short film), Ariel is in bed and Xander is playing happily with the old cel phone. Twas a big day here with completing a order for a friend from church. She had asked for a cake to reveal the gender of their new baby. I had seen this before on tv before so it was so fun to be apart of. Since the party was going to be the same day as them finding out, there wasn't alot of time so I made both a pink and blue cake and decorated them the same. Turns out they bought both cakes from me since they could use more cake for the party. Woot! So I got the exciting call and then the hubby came to get the cakes at dinner time. Of course I had to make sure he was clear which one to cut, haha. That be a bad oops! Oh I just got the news the cake was cut... and its a girl!!! Yay, congrats!

Today was a nasty cold and rainy day. I dropped Ariel off at ballet and went by the local consignment shop with one of the other moms to hang out till class was over. Picked up princess and we all drove out to T-town to get copies of Ariel's immunization record... why? Next month is KINDERGARTEN registration! GACK!!! Part of me just fainted I think, when did this happen? My baby going to kindergarten... sniff.

Speaking of school, we are busy working on Ariel's valentines for her friends at school. We picked the final picture and got them printed up, but this was another cute one I thought I share since I can't show the one we picked yet.

I hope to do an Ariel themed post soon, maybe on her half birthday next month, have lots of funny stuff to share.

Xander loves popcorn... he comes running when he hears the popper. Haha.

Other news, I did some redecorating in our living room. Ever since we got the family portrait done I wanted to change up everything else. So I took down some of my needlepoint pictures and put up some photos. My favorite add was this one by our dining area, I blew up some of the letters from my photo alphabet and turned them sepia to match better. So each of our first letters of our names, so fun!

Well its almost time for my show now. I'll be back later in the week, have another order to get together so its going to be busy. Whee!


Manda said...

I love the cake idea! Congrats to your friend. :) and I like that picture of ariel! Super cute! :)

kelly ens said...

fantastic cakes :)
i lovelovelove that picture of Ariel! adorable! where are you sending her for kindergarten?
love that you printed those letters from your project - what a great idea.

Anonymous said...


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