Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My Girl, Miss Determination

Today I witnessed again my daughter, who is so determined to succeed take on a new challenge - skating! Last time her class went we didn't go since I had something booked and couldn't go with her. I actually thought it wouldn't interest her but the moment she heard the class was going again she was non-stop talking about it.

I honestly was dreading it, more so because I can't really skate that well. Thankfully we were allowed to bring the strollers on the ice for the babies so I really had no reason not to go, and I had something to cling to, haha. All morning Ariel practiced turns and pretend skating on the kitchen floor with her slippers on. I felt a little worried that she would be discouraged since I knew the falling would come fast. I kept preparing her on the drive over, its not like slippers, its tricky, the ice is slippery etc.

We arrived early and got ready and she enjoyed watching the teens playing hockey. She managed to walk on the skates, so far that was a positive sign, haha. Xander was all bundled up and had his helmet on ready to go.

Ok, they are just darn cute together... although Ariel had to sneak into the picture because Xander only wanted himself in the shot... lol.

The class started and we made out way out... SPLAT on her butt she went. I started to feel somewhat bad, thinking this was going to be a VERY long morning. Trying to hold on to Xander and haul her up. Well she decided she was going to get up herself... and she did, over and over. Finally she got a skating bar and she struggled to get her feet moving. Again more falls, legs going every which way but every time she fell she laughed. Not one look of embarrassment or tears.

It wasn't long till the falling was less and less and the gliding was more and more. In fact there were times when she seemed to 'dance' on the ice as her teacher called it.

The other parents commented on her 'first time' as a success and that she had real determination. One mom pulled me aside and said she thinks she will go far in life with that attitude. I couldn't agree more and I found myself bursting with that 'parent pride'. Xander even clapped when she went by us, so cute. Then she did something crazy and skated several times with no bar! I just stood there stunned... yay Ariel!!!

We were one of the last to leave the ice, mainly because Ariel insisted on 'practicing more'. She just warmed my heart and then as we packed up she asked if they had classes like swimming. I guess we may look into that sometime. For now I am claiming this day as a memory I will treasure when Ariel is off taking the world by storm and fulfilling her dreams... my sweet girl, you continue to amaze me and inspire me to be the best I can be too. Thank you.


Kristin said...

That is awesome, way to go Ariel! Give her a few years, maybe you'll have to start sewing skating outfits. :)

kelly ens said...

SERIOUSLY impressive, that little girl of yours. Wowee!!! :)
Kristin may be right about the skating outfits ;)

Kim said...

Awww, that's such a great story! I agree with that one person who said that Ariel will go far in life with such a great attitude!!

DL3 said...

I wish you happiness

Tera said...

What a beautiful post about a determined little girl!

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