Friday, January 21, 2011

Yay For Friday!

So I am sitting here feeling rather giddy and excited... I booked 2 wedding cakes today! Yes the sisters I mentioned awhile back came by today to meet with me and we had a consultation here at my place. Thankfully I was able to get my living room pulled together and kept the kids from destroying, haha. The girls each had an idea what they wanted and it was actually great I had my newest cake on hand for them to see in person, so that was great.

Speaking of that cake, here it is, yay!

This morning was a bit crazy first off dropping Ariel off at school. We drove because it was dumping rain and sooooooooooo cold. Brrrr. Then Xander and I went to sportsball class. It was an activity I signed us up for before Christmas in hopes of meeting some more boys his age and getting more social. For the most part it was kinda a bomb. Haha. Xander was mad when they put the balls away for story-time. Then the coach said we were going to play the popcorn game. Well Xander stopped his screaming when hearing the word 'popcorn' thinking there was food, lol. Seeing just tennis balls didn't please him and he gave me a look of 'why did he say popcorn if there was no popcorn.' (You might remember his love for the food from the last post)

Xander did warm up enough to play later but we have a long way to go... but its still fun spending time with my little man. Hee. (Kara had her camera and we got the following pictures from her, yay!)

Then we picked up a few things from the store before it was time to get Ariel from school. We then dashed off to Stella's as we were helping assemble Kara's wedding invitations! Yay! Stella had a yummy soup and bun lunch for us, along amazing pumpkin muffins, drool. We also got to try on Xander's ring bearer outfit... one word CUTE!!!! He and James are going to be adorable!!!

We also decided Kara was not bridezilla because she let Ariel help glue invitations! Yes, and surprisingly she did did well, haha. Got Mommy's crafting gene perhaps? Of course Jenny was a help to her and I give her big points for doing so well with a 4 year old. Jenny is one of the bridesmaids so its nice Ariel is getting to know her too. Sounds like Kara has made a decision on how Ariel's flower girl dress will be so that is exciting too.

I am looking forward to relaxing this weekend. Ken is doing an open house at the school so we will be keeping ourselves entertained. Yay!

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