Saturday, February 19, 2011

Vampires and Tiaras

Ken and I are watching Twilight - Eclipse at the moment... Ken suggested it.... he wanted to see hot wolfman shirtless, haha. Kidding. Nothing on tonight and we hadn't watched it so that was that. Either way, its fun and there is enough fighting to keep him entertained.

We had a wild day with Ariel and her pageant. Gosh she just loves doing these things. The rush she gets from being on stage is hilarious. She loves meeting the other girls and of course getting a crown is the highlight of a job well done. This time she won 'Little Miss Personality'...

I think Ken and I nearly lost it because there was no better title for her. Here is a little montage of her on stage today. Ken was further back so its a tad blurry. But check out that little butt wiggle, haha.

Came home and picked up Xander who was being watched by our new babysitter... we have entered the world of 'paid' babysitting service. Woot! He had fun and was excited to see us when we got back. Nothing better than seeing his warm smile of love.

Since I don't have many pictures this week of Xander I thought I would post this funny video of him and Ken's birthday card. Back before Christmas I found this hilarious singing coffee cup and it was just TOO PERFECT. So I got it and well Xander expects me to play it several times a day. If I don't... he climbs up to try an turn it on himself. What a boy!

Today was also a cake pick up day... in fact the next several weeks are... gack! This one was super cute, a science theme for a 6 year old girl. I got to create a little fondant version of the girl from some pictures the parents emailed me. I was pretty pleased with how it turned out. This week its an Oscar cake, as I am donating it as a prize up the big party we are helping organize at our church. Yay!

This past week was Valentine's Day. I was the helper in Ariel's class that morning, so Stella took Xander to his swim class for me, and I got to mix plaster instead, haha. I was preparing the activity for the kids later in the week, as they are doing a dinosaur unit. I made up cups of plaster and sand and hid a dinosaur inside each one, so they could dig them out like paleontologists. That morning Ariel wanted a special hairdo for the special day and so we came up with this after looking at our favorite hair do blog. Surprisingly, this is super easy!

For our own celebration we had a quiet dinner at home that I made with suggestions from Ariel. She wanted to make 'little chickens' aka cornish game hens. Xander gobbled down the meal, so it was a hit with him.

For dessert I made red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting... yum. Also a few chocolate covered strawberries for an extra touch of love.

We gave the kids each a little something, as it is also the half birthday of both kids this month. Xander got a cute car made from bamboo and Ariel a new outfit for her Julie doll. Ken and the kids got me each a rose and a few other treats, while we gave him a coffee press, which he was thrilled with. It was a lovely day and we all had a nice time together.

During the week I was playing around with camera and my sweet ballerina after she finished class. The light was really nice and so I took a few shots and got some beautiful ones I hope to print out for her room.

Speaking of lighting, one of Ken's friends was cleaning out her studio (she does stop motion too) and let me have her old soft box lighting set up! For free! I set it up and its fantastic! Perfect timing too because I am doing a newborn shoot this coming week for my friends. They welcomed their 3rd child into the world. She even did a home birth this time. Can't wait to meet little Anya, love her name. Hee. Did you know in the Buffy tv series there was a Xander character that dated a character named Anya... haha, I told Erin that and she got a kick out of it too.

We have been totally enjoying our free trial of Netflix. We discovered they have lots of Mystery Science Theater episodes, eek! We watched an interesting documentary on the movie rating system of the USA and they have all the veggie tales for the kids! So cool.

Well time for bed, got a photo-shoot after church tomorrow so its another big day ahead and I need sleep! Zzzzzzz...


kelly ens said...

hmmm...neither of those videos go past 1 second for me. i'll have to try again later.
i am super jealous you got a soft box set up for FREE!!!! WOWEE - that is AWESOME!!! certainly will help your newborn shoot :)

Family said...

Oooo I really like the B&W of Ariel!

Sounds like you guys are having a busy fun time over there!

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