Monday, February 28, 2011

Oscar Baby!

Well, I haven't fallen into the oven and disappeared... although today I felt like curling up somewhere and hiding, haha. Its been a crazy week of activity leading up to our big Oscar party event last night. It was a huge success, about 62 people in attendance for dinner, prizes and watching the Oscar telecast.

Ken did his little pre-show and I was on the red carpet taking 'photos' for the guests. We even had some youth come be our paparazzi and the guests were quite amused and enjoyed the experience. Although one man when asked 'what was he wearing' replied, clothes I guess. Haha.

We had prizes everywhere, from silent auction, to raffles to a fun 'pick the winners' event where 10 people could go home with a mini Oscar. I am excited to say that I came in a tie for 3rd place, beating Ken (which is my goal yearly, haha)... but don't feel bad for him as he ended up winning one too. Lots of trips, hotel stays, fancy Pandora bracelets and oodies of other goodies were given away, including a swag bag as the guests left following the event.

Dinner was awesome, we got Bread Garden to cater the event, and every bite was oooh so good. Ken had invited out some of our friends and we had a great time at our table with a great mix of people.

I created an Oscar cake as a prize for the evening, and a very excited teen got this. It was great to see several families come out together for an evening of fun. I look forward to next year and if this looks like it be something you be interested in coming out for I will let you know next year as we draw near.

As for the rest of the week, not much to say except busy!! Had 2 photo shoots last week, one for a family I have done before. Their son is now a walking 1 year old instead of the barely crawling 6 month old I got to shoot last time. He was such a cutie. Check out their pictures on my Jaybird Creations site. They wanted a 'Canuck' theme so they were all in their gear, very cute! I also got to do a newborn shoot with my friend's new baby girl. She was simply a doll and I got this shot which I just LOVE. They wanted this one as a birth announcement so I got that made up for them.

On top of that I had the cake, the regular school routine and Xander's activities too keep me moving. Also we are still in the midst of a major transition at church and the 'stuff' that goes with that. Its emotional, difficult and draining at times. That is all I want to say on it since its personal and there is still a long way to go. Praying for transitions to go peacefully and successfully.

This week we are entering March! Now we had snow this past weekend, excuse me while I roll my eyes. Haha. I am soooo over snow at this point that it was a pain. Ariel asked on day 2 of it if I was going to yell at it (to stop snowing) again from the window. Haha. Yeah I was a tad concerned about it affecting our Oscar party so I wasn't at all interested in anything except the promised rain that would flush it all away.

Today it was beautiful sunny day and as I prepared to walk Ariel to school she said 'doesn't Xander have sportsball?' I stopped in my tracks and dashed back inside, he didn't have sportsball, but swimming. Ugh. So I had to get our bag and drive instead since the pool is on the other side of town. Blah! So much for my walk in the sunshine. The remainder of the day was spent cleaning the house up from 'bomb' state.

It looks like I will be taking on a new contact for which I need to get a new software which means I can upgrade by getting a bundle deal with Ken's 'school' discount. Score! I was looking at a laptop of my own but I just can't decide and so I am just going with new software for now instead. A lot cheaper and I take forever with choices that I can't really wait anymore. I am thrilled I can update my extremely out of date Photoshop and get some programs I have wanted for awhile. Yay, very exciting for me. Woot!

Well Ken is home early, he never made it to his event tonight due to a road closure because of an accident. So off to spend some time with him. Good night!


kelly ens said...

the party looks GREAT (and the cake!!! WOW!).
SO exciting to be getting new software too - yahoo! :)

Kristin said...

What an awesome picture of the sweet baby girl!
That is so great that your business is taking off so well, you are so talented!

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