Sunday, March 06, 2011


Seems like 'winning' is the word of the week... thanks Charlie Sheen for that... even our youth pastor kinda said it during his sermon, haha. Duh, Winning!

Well I guess my blog is turning into a weekly show, haha. Again another crazy week of cakes, meetings and kids! With the start of a new month has also brought out the start of new weather. Could it be that Spring is on the way? Looks like it, the sun was out and shining several days this week and it was great to get out and walk... ahhh. My stress goes down when I can walk that is for sure.

Xander is spitting out more words (that we can understand) these days. This week's new one was "CAKE". Seems like one that would fit here with the constant cake activity in my kitchen.

Speaking of which, it was a busy week of 2 cakes and some cupcakes. First off, it was my brother's 30th birthday. The perfect cake choice of course was a video game inspired one, Xbox. The controller was make of rice treats and was well received by the birthday boy. Of course in typical fashion this week I was tired and out of it and forgot my camera battery recharging, doh. So no pics of him and his cake, oh well... here is the cake...

... and the cover of the card we made him. Hee.

On Wednesday morning after dropping Ariel at school, Xander and I had gone off to Mike's favorite place for getting specialty beer. I walked in and said, I know nothing about beer so here is a basket, please fill it for me. Dad had given me one piece of info that helped me tell the guy what Mike would like and thankfully he was awesome and picked 5 that were perfect. Yay. Mike liked his gift and that made me happy... he is hard to shop for.

Friday night we had a dinner meeting out with some church people in regards to the children's ministry. It was nice to have a greek dinner, yum and we got lots discussed. Following which we ended up back at our friend's place chatting until midnight. Ariel put herself to bed on the empty bunk in one of the bedrooms, while Xander slept on my shoulder. However we came home and I still had some work to finish up on the second cake of the week and stayed up till 130am.

Yawn... yes it was a late night, but I was so happy with how this turned out. It was a hand painted picture on the cake... and yes its a cougar.... um, yeah, I was laughing taking this order. The birthday girl was getting a nice joke cake from her husband. The best part, he thought at first he wanted flames with it... until he said 'flaming cougar' sounded kinda bad. LOL! So we went with the word 'hot' instead. Gotta love it.... my work is so entertaining.

This afternoon following church we helped take part in the grade 6 and 7's activity of the 'Junk Food Journey'. The kids would travel from house to house having a particular junk food at each stop. We did cupcakes... burger style!

Ariel was so excited to have the kids come over... and eat the cupcakes.

The only rough part of the week came when Xander skipped his nap for 2 days in a row, ugh. Now you may remember Ariel gave up her naps before turning 2... so I am praying this little guy doesn't follow suit. I am happy to say today he napped, woot! Tomorrow is Ariel's picture day at school FINALLY. She is so excited and had fun picking out what she wanted to wear. Spring break is coming fast too... eek!

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