Saturday, March 12, 2011

Spring Ahead

Oh its that crazy night when we have to set our clocks ahead an hour. Blah. But then I feel like my body made the switch already as I have been waking up earlier lately. Who knows, but tomorrow morning may be rough. Haha.

This week has been another crazy one… I think that is pretty much my life now that I am doing a side business. I am looking forward to Spring Break as it’s a change in routine. Ariel has swimming those 2 weeks and is uber excited. Brenda and I have lots of work getting Imagine That stuff together as we prepare for April’s registration launch. Eek! Not only that I have now accepted a new gig working on tourism booklets, kinda like mini entertainment books. So if its quiet here… that is why.

Looking back at the week, we started with Monday being class picture day… finally! I don’t understand why its in March of all times, it just seems weird but at least she is getting one. Ariel wanted ‘curls’ that morning so Mommy had to haul her butt out of bed early to set the rollers in her hair… not that her hair holds the curl that long, but oh well. We tried! We had some clips in her hair but when I picked her up it looked like Ariel had tried to put them back in...lets just say it created a pretty crazy hairdo in the front. Ariel insists that it happened AFTER the pictures, but I guess we will find out when we see them. Stay tuned to find out!

Then Tuesday was the final winter ballet session. We went to see her viewing session and I am always in awe of her achievement and how far she has come. Ken was amazed with her grace and fluidity in her arm movements. Ariel’s concentration and attention to her teacher made us proud. Her heart is truly in this and it shows with how hard she works at it. We see her practice at home but to see her perform is so special. This Spring marks her last kinder dance session as next year she joins the studio and gets to be part of the end of the year recital… can’t wait!

Here is some video of her performance.

Wednesday while Ariel was at school I went to help hang the new gallery up at the church with Karen. I am excited to helping with this and even more giddy to have some of my own photos being shown. This new set is about Transitions as our church is in a huge state of it right now. When I picked up Ariel and came home in the afternoon I found the ‘bread fairy’ had visited again (woot) and my new software was there too! EEK! I installed it and needless to say, I am in love. Sigh….

Thursday was our lazy day but I spent a chunk of it creating a mini Louis Vuitton purse cake. Ariel was thrilled with it, but then she would be. My girly girl.

Also that day we got a lovely wedding invitation in the mail! My dear friend Ann's big Indian wedding is coming up and I am now thinking it be super fun to wear a sari to the event. Maybe even Ariel too, as I am sure she will see those pretty outfits and want in right away. Haha. Should be a wonderful cultural experience as its a whole day of events. So much fun to look forward to.

Friday came and it was Xander’s final sportsball class. We played golf, which Xander really enjoyed, one hand and all.

So cute! The coach enjoyed Xander's goofy nature and his face when it lit up when he brought out any type of ball. Xander even got a ribbon for taking part, Ariel was impressed with that even if her brother wasn't haha.

In the afternoon Ariel and I had a dance off, gosh that is a good workout. When I took a break, Xander stepped in for me... he has some serious dance feet, haha.

Later that evening I went to deliver the purse cake and set up for portraits. The girls were getting a lesson in make up application and then after practicing what they learned came to see me where I took their pictures. They were such sweet girls and it was loads of fun. If you want to check out a sample of them, go to Jaybird Creations.

Today was a wet and windy day. I went to pick up a parcel at the post office from Grammy, filled with clothes and books for the kids. We had a skype chat and then after a quick lunch I took Ariel and we went off to the mall for some bonding time. We chatted while we walked around. Checked out the new stores that had opened after the major construction was going last time we were there ages ago. I let her get a new purse and she strut around proudly like a grown up and several places we went into ended up giving her stickers to have in her bag since she was so cute. Haha. Only Ariel could manage that. She now has a collection of them from Hallmark, Gap and Gymboree to name a few.

Ariel was getting hungry and wanted a snack but the mall’s main eating stops were packed. We ended up finding a cute coffee stand that was serving gelato. She tasted a few flavors before settling on a cheesecake one. I got a juice and we talked as she snacked. I managed to get a picture on my cel phone, she was just too cute.

Our last stop was to check out the new Forever 21 store that just opened. It was packed with people but Ariel managed to find a fish necklace that she insisted I had to have. Lol, its pretty darn cute, so I may need to wear it to church tomorrow. I hope to go back sometime when its not so busy, they had some great deals.

Came home to start dinner, as I was attempting to make moussaka. It was a process but the efforts paid off with a fantastic dinner. I even made up some Greek style potatoes and rice. The family were all smiles, including the kids. Xander gobbled his down with his huge giddy grin. Yum. Looking forward to leftovers. Yay!

Well I guess its time to go set my clock ahead. Blah!


Steve Finnell said...

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kelly ens said...

LOVE the video of Ariel's ballet (so does Taeya!). she looks like a natural :) And Xander's dancing was pretty entertaining too!
that cake is amazing Jay - no do have a gift! :)

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