Saturday, March 19, 2011

Spring Break Boogie!

We made it! We are officially on Spring Break... er Ariel is, the rest of us its life as usual. The final week before was pretty mellow and I must say it was a nice change. Besides Ariel's school days, there were no extra activities like ballet and sportsball to get to, making the week seem slower it seemed. I didn't have any cake orders either, but I did have some graphics work on that tourism book, so that kept me busy.

Thursday was St Patrick's Day and I try to make things as green as possible for the kids.

We started the day with a leprechaun trap. I had Ariel place green items around it in hopes of catching something good... which she did.

Gold chocolate coins, boy was she excited... and surprised.

Xander was thrilled too of course.

Then for lunch we did green pancakes, bacon and eggs.

Ariel really liked that... especially the bacon.

Friday I had coffee party in the morning and asked Dad to pick Ariel up from school. They had a McDonalds lunch date and played until I arrived to pick her up. She had pajama day at school and was eager to tell me about the movie and popcorn they got to have. Lucky girl!

Today I was up at 6am watching the rain pour down. I was to have an engagement shoot at the beach early in the morning but it looked like the weather wasn't going to go my way. So we rescheduled it for next month. I still had my rescheduled newborn and family session with our friends, and so I took along the rest of my family with me. While I worked they played in South Surrey at the shops and stuff until I was done and we all had lunch together while the kids played. Go check out a sample of the pictures on my Jaybird Creations website.

Ariel had such a great time but sobbed when it was time to go, sigh. She just loves her friends so much. Xander slept the drive home and we decided to order out for Indian since we got home so late.

This week we have Ariel back at swimming lessons, I have lots of work for Imagine That to prepare and 2 cake orders... one being a gender reveal cake! I already got the 'scoop' on what the special color in the cake will be... the mom is completely in the dark until she cuts into it at the party... I just love these cakes!

Ok movie time! See ya later!!!


kelly ens said...

I think gender reveal cakes are so much fun! :)
HOW did you get the bacon green???? And the eggs THAT green???
have fun with swimming lessons!

sleeplessnights04 said...

What a great idea with the trap and coins - I never know what to do for St. Patrick's Day. We had green pancakes for Shrove Tuesday :o)

Capucine Z. said...

They are sooo cute !!

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