Sunday, September 27, 2009

One Month Old

Boy, that went by fast didn't it? I can't believe my little prince is a month old. He is a joy and we just love him more and more everyday. He is getting bigger and filling out more in the face. His eyes are still blue, in fact a bit more so now than when he was born. Xander is continuing to nurse and sleep well. He is up like clockwork every morning at 3am for a feeding, and we watch 'Restaurant Makeover' while he snacks. Then back to sleep till 7am, its wonderful and I am very thankful. Ariel was like that too, they like to sleep because they are crazy busy during the day!!!

Xander is my cuddle monkey. He is all about molding himself to who ever is holding him. He is also not into the 'binkie' at all, especially compared to Ariel the 'binkie queen'. You give it to him and he just spits it back at you after a few chews. All he wants is boobs... maybe that is a guy thing? Haha. His big sister is still trying to get him to like it... she is determined. She just loves him so much!

His hair is continuing to grow... and we have achieved the mini mohawk look.

For church today we sported X-man in his first pair of jeans. Mommy's little west coast boy, can you say grunge? Haha.

This week we had coffee party and the ladies had a 'food shower' for me. We got lots of meals for the freezer and its awesome! So thankful for wonderful friends. Xander made his first coffee group appearance and charmed the ladies.

Aunt Deborah even made it for the special occasion, so nice.

The kids and Aunty Kara, love this one.

Also this week Xander got to go to his first movie! On Thursday it was 'Stars and Strollers' at the local theater (special screenings for parents with babies) and they were showing 'Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs'. I packed up both kids and went off for the show. Ariel enjoyed it, especially the falling burgers. Yum. Xander slept through the whole thing, much like Ariel did when I took her to one when she was the same age.

That night Ken was working late so it was just the 3 of us for bedtime routine, so Ariel wanted Xander to come cuddle for story time.

Earlier in the week, after dropping Ariel at school, Xander and I made a quick run into town for the special duds the kids would be wearing for our family picture session this week with Maria. Gotta love that Gymboree has their Christmas stuff out early for people like me, hee. So I got Ariel a pretty dress and then got to pick dress clothes for Xander. I will say, its just as much fun, haha.

After picking Ariel up, we did a quick fitting session to make sure everything worked, so here is the Christmas angel Ariel...

... and the sugar cookie cutie Xander. Aw!!!!!!!!!!!

In the mail this week Xander got his first puppet from our good friend Galen and his family! His own fuzzy monster Grover. I think they will be good friends.

On the Jay front, this week has been better for me emotional wise. I didn't cry... much. I have been careful because we didn't want things to turn into postpartum depression. My doctor felt it could happen because of the extra stress I basically had to block out when Nana passed away, and it could just be coming out now. I totally agree, and add in the extra stuff with my health added in there it just has been a rough ride. I must say hitting the month mark was just about as momentous as it was for Xander. We both survived, now on to month 2.

One minor freak out happened when I was getting ready for bed and noticed that my incision site on one end was looking red and angry. I started crying fearing that now I was getting an infection. (Hello emotional psycho Jay!) Ken came home and looked at it and tried to calm me down. Thankfully the following day at coffee group I had Aunty Fran look at it, she is a retired home care nurse. She said it probably was angry from moisture, and of course thinking back I had a shower that morning and probably didn't dry the area as carefully as I usual do. So she gave me some pointers and within a day it was like nothing was wrong with it. Hoping we can keep it that way. My 6 week follow up is approaching and I would like to get back to doing some normal activity, especially since I joined a 'biggest loser' group to drop some more weight. There are lots of weddings next summer and dang it I want to look good! Haha.

Soooo, that is pretty much our past week, and this week is looking busy too. Its a major photo week with Ariel's class pictures tomorrow and our family pictures this Thursday. Meeting with Pastor Dave tomorrow about Xander's dedication next week and we also jump into October! I want to get my fall decor up soon and start getting ready for the multi-Thanksgivings and sewing Halloween costumes... but I still plan on getting my cuddles in. Happy one month Xander, Mommy loves you.


Kristin said...

Oh my his hair is awesome, I love the mohawk!

That last picture is so wonderful, defiantly one you should put in a frame! :)

Tera said...

I love his hair too! Can't wait to see the new family photos!

SarahRachel said...

Love that last pic of you two, Jay- so beautiful. I'm SO glad you're doing better. You are coping so well with everything that's been dealt your way. Although having two gorgeous little blessings from God doesn't hurt! ;-) AWESOME Christmas outfits for the pics. And I can't believe he's already a month. But then again when people ask how old Chase is I always pause wanting to say "one month" or maybe "two months" and yet somehow he's 4 months! Some days fly and some days drag on forever....

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