Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Back into the Groove

Its been sorta crazy around here, Ken has been busy with the SPARK animation festival last week. That meant several late nights where he wasn't home till midnight, so I was a tad tired without my second set of hands in the evening. Thank goodness Ariel is such a great girl when it comes to bedtime that its no fight and I can put the extra strength into Xander.

On Saturday, Ken was home during the morning, so we had an online chat with Ken's family. I snapped this picture during that because it was so cute. My man with my angels. Hee.

That evening Deb and Blair came over to meet Xander. They took the 3 of us to dinner as Ken was out partying with animation people. As we finished dinner, who drives by but Dad and Rita, so they came into join us and visit. Ariel then saw the moon in the dark sky out the window and informed us all it was time for her to go to bed, haha. So we took the visiting back to our place to please Ariel.

Sunday morning we had church and Ariel went to her first sunday school class. She had a great time and learned about Noah. I took the morning to get ready with Xander and then walk to church to get my exercise in since Ken was going out later that day. Ariel was excited to wear one of her new headbands that she got from Ken's Aunt Mary and Uncle Rick... can you tell?

In the afternoon, Ken had to do an interview on the phone for his new book and needed quiet, so I took the kids to Dad and Rita's for a visit. We ended up staying for dinner and then came home to a quiet house. Ariel went to bed and Xander and I hung out while I did some stitching on his Christmas stocking and watched '17 Again'.

Monday was school again for Ariel and I dropped her off in her cute kitty outfit which she is totally loving. This is her serious model look, haha.

Xander also stylin' in his new duds I got at the baby sale. Note the 'bad hair day' shirt, I think that is appropriate eh? Speaking of Xander, he is going to be a month old soon!!! When did that happen?

Then this morning was FINALLY Ariel's ballet class. After my big oops last week, Ariel has been patiently waiting for it to start. So starting at 8am this morning, she started asking if it was time to go yet, about every 5 to 10 minutes. Class didn't start till 10am, so it was a looooong morning. When it was finally time, she was practically bursting with excitement,eek.

We walked there and met Stella, who was going to have a little walk and juice break with me while Ariel danced. However, before we left I had to snap a shot of my big girl in her first dance studio. Hee.

So now we are sitting here and its actually pretty calm. Ariel is playing potato heads, Xander is sleeping and I am blogging... I am sure it won't last, but its nice for the moment. So I shall go tidy up the kitchen before someone is yelling for me.


Michelle said...

Sounds like you're settling into a routine with the children Jay! Ariel is adorable of course in her model pose lol.And Xander is just lovely.

Tera said...

Goodness, can't believe he is almost a month old already! Ariel looks super sweet in her ballet outfit.

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